Roof Coatings, Basement Waterproofing and More!

Ames® dual rubber coating solutions provide unrivaled elastomeric coverage that waterproofs and protects Roofs, Basements & Foundations, Decks, Floors, Walls & Sidings, and Bathrooms.

We offer bulk pricing discounts for B2B, OEM, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Schools, Churches, Government and International Sales.

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  • Up to 88% Reflective. It cools!
  • Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs
  • Up to 1200% Ultra-High Elasticity
  • ECO-Friendly, Water Clean-up, Ultra-Low VOC
  • Contains NO Hazardous Silicones
  • 3X More Powerful Than Silicone Rubber
  • 3X More Rubber Than Silicone
  • 7X More Elastic Than Any Other Products
  • Nearly 40 years of coating experience since 1981

Coating Solutions for Commercial Projects

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Roof Coatings

Ames® liquid rubber elastomeric waterproof roof coatings offer the easiest waterproofing solution for commercial and contractor work. We cover Metal Roofs, EPDM Roofs, Concrete Roofs, Plywood Roofs, Tar Roofs, Flat Roofs, Foam Roofs and Pitched Rolled Roofs. Our products are available with bulk discount pricing, perfect for large commercial roof sealant projects. Our roof coatings save time and money with easy application and clean up.

Basement & Foundation Coatings

Ames® liquid rubber basement waterproof coatings stop leaks fast, saving time and money for both DIY and large commercial projects. Ames Blue Max is a heavy duty, yet easily applid by brush, roller or pro-grade airless sprayer. It dries to form an impervious shield keeping water and moisture at bay; providing an airtight seal from the flow of uncontrolled air. Blue Max is a superior elastomeric basement waterproofing sealant that can expand and contract up to 1200%.

Deck & Roof Deck Coatings

Ames® liquid rubber deck coating products protect your investment, repair decks, and make an old deck appear as if you just bought a new one! Our slip-resistant deck coatings are elastomeric waterproofing solutions that will resist cracking and peeling. Our coatings come in many colors to match your house and make your outdoor area look brand new!


Ames Blue Max Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Blue Max® Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant


Blue Max® is a strong and highly adhesive elastomeric basement coating for extreme wet situations such as below grade foundations and basement walls. It is a thick, blue liquid rubber that can stretch up to 1200% to resist cracking and peeling in wet situations and can remain flexible in extreme cold and heat. Blue Max® is impervious to water and has incredibly strong adhesion. It can also be applied by brush, roller or airless sprayer.

Ames Maximum Stretch Liquid Rubber Reflective Roof Coating

Maximum-Stretch® Liquid Rubber Reflective Roof Coating


Maximum-Stretch® is a thick, high premium grade quality rubber & acrylic elastomeric roof coating. It is designed for maintaining and waterproofing many different types of roofing systems. Changes in temperature as well as extreme weather cause expansion and contraction in roofing and will result in cracks and leaks over time. Maximum Stretch® roof coating is up to 650% elastomeric and remains flexible at freezing temperatures.

Ames Super Elasto Barrier Elastomeric Base Coating

Elasto-Barrier® Elastomeric Base Coating


Elasto-Barrier® is a great base coat for our other coatings and creates an impermeable bond on roofs and decks. Elasto-Barrier® is elastomeric and expands up to 1000% to move with the surface and resist cracking and peeling. This product is UV sensitive and must be top coated if used in a place where it is exposed to the sun. Goes where the water flows and stops leaks. Flows into cracks and crevices.


Ames Research Laboratories, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of quality elastomeric waterproofing basement, foundation and roof coatings, providing innovative solutions for all of life’s waterproofing projects. Our products are manufactured from only the best paint polymers and materials available on the market today. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Ames® products and systems protect and add longevity to building roofs, walls, basements, foundations, and decks. They enable the professional and the do-it-yourselfer to perform maintenance and prevent damage.

If you are looking for a liquid rubber commercial roof sealant, deck paint, foundation coating, basement waterproofing paint, concrete waterproofing sealer, or stucco sealer, we have what you need. We here at Ames Research Laboratories, Inc. truly do manufacture the most unique and highest quality liquid Rubber roof coatings and metal roof coatings on the market today. There really is nothing else like them out there.