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Installed the coating and the leaks have been stopped dead.

Good morning folks,

I had a 15ft x 20ft patio cover with a metal roof. The slope on the roof was not steep enough to keep rain water from leaking through the standing seams when it would pool up during heavy rains. I was contemplating re-building the roof when I came across AMES coatings. I ended up ordering 5 gallons of Max-Stretch at your recommendation. Took it to Ace Hardware and had it tinted brown per your color chart like you said and had no problems. Installed the coating and the leaks have been stopped dead. Was easy to apply and looks great. I am VERY pleased with your product. I am very glad I contacted you and I would like to note your attention and service was great. You have my recommendation for sure. Worth every bit of the cost.

Keep up the great work

Dave T
Burleson, Texax

Looks beautiful!



flores-trevinob4flores-trevino after

Thrilled to report It does not leak at all

In 2006 the Greater Jefferson Community Center, Inc. purchase property with a 101-year old building in downtown Jefferson to be used as a community center. Until the non-profit was able to raise money for a new building, we planned to use the older building. That building was in great need of repair, especially the roof.

Dr. W. Ames Curtright of Ames Research offered to help us fix the roof. He donated over $3,000 worth of supplies so we could fix it. We have now gone through a complete winter with the repaired roof and we are thrilled to report that it does not leak at all. Oregon’s rainy winters are a tough test for any roof. We came through with flying colors.

roof repair

easy to apply

THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! Like no other product I have seen or used.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this superior product!!!

We have tried just about everything there was out there on the market to stop our leaky roof, nothing worked!!!! I mean nothing!!!!!! Then I happen to stumble onto this website and after reading the testimonials thought I would give it a try….Well, I am thrilled I did!!!! THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! Like no other product I have seen or used. EASY application, fast shipping, good customer service and a product that DOES what they say it will…WELL I am amazed!!! THANK YOU!!! I am recommending this to others. Hands down this is a GREAT, GREAT roof coating!!!! (and it looks good once it is applied). I finally don’t have to worry about rain and snow…relief!!!!

Diane, WV


Thanks for the super service

Richard J
Nixa R-II School District Maintenance Department

I’m a true believer

Last August I discovered your products on the internet and inquired accordingly. Your man Jeff responded right away and we soon had many, many conversations reguarding our particular flat roof and it’s problems. I sent him many photographs and his opinion on how to handle the job was key to our successful repair. He was a tremendous help and always got back to me ASAP. I have not experienced such friendly and reliable customer support ever before. I’m glad to know there are still folks out there who practice this seemingly lost art.

As far as the products go, I’m a true believer. We had the wettest summer on record in NJ and a fair bit of snow & ice over the winter & our problem has been remedied.

So kudos to Jeff, he is difinitely a valuable part of your team. Many Thanks.

Dale B

Last a long time

I just finished a job with 3 of your products; Elasto-Barrier, seam tape and Maximum-Stretch. Your products were very easy to use and your instructions were perfect. … from the way the seal was formed, it looks like it will last a long time.

I will certainly recommend your products!

John P. G

Wow …. was I surprised!

My wife ordered and received from your company enough Ames Super Primer for a two coat application. I cleaned and prepared the roof and applied the primer. I was initially a little worried about applying roofing materials of any kind myself.

Until this experience with your product I was convinced that I would be dealing with sticky, smelly, unmanageable, toxic and uncooperative goo. Wow …. was I surprised! Your primer applies easily and cleanly. It actually had what I considered to be a mild and rather pleasant smell.

Thanks again for your help.
Earl H, Illinois
Products: Super Primer, Super Elasto-Barrier


..I wanted to let you know how excited we are about your products. Before using your products on our flat roof we tried EVERYTHING. NOTHING worked. Last year we expierenced our first winter without ANY leaks. So exciting that we finally have a solution for our roofing needs.


Dale here in NJ. Well, I finished applying 3 heavy coats of Maximum Stretch and it rained pretty hard here yesterday and all is as it should be! I truly appreciate all of your input and excellent customer service. I’m not used to actually being helped anymore! Anywho, we’ll order some more stuff for I want to have some on hand. I’ll send you PIX of the finished product once it quits raining. I also am sending a letter to Dr. Ames regarding his ever-ready and user friendly staff.

Take care and thanks again,



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