Coating white as snow. Roofing in the winter is a daunting task for most people, but not you.

Unfavorable conditions make it difficult for contractors to go to work and for do it yourself remedies like tar and cheap coatings to adhere since many can’t adhere and dry in conditions with any moisture at all. This is a problem because a lot of damage and leaking in your home occurs in the winter months.

Ames coatings are water based and formulated for easy application in many situations. This product makes winter time roofing simple, and can help you repair leaks all year round. All our coatings are high quality and highly concentrated so you’ll have a better time using them in unfoavorable conditions.

Ames Roof Coating

If you find yourself applying coatings in the winter, here are some helpful hints to help you have a successful project:

1. Use a base coat such as Super Elasto Barrier, and top coat with a reflective coating such as Maximum Stretch.

2. Our coatings will be able to absorb and accept a small amount of water when they are being applied, but it is best you make sure an area is totally dry before you start applying coating. This will result in the best adhesion to the surface.

3. As always, patch test the surface to make sure the product works to your satisfaction before you move forward with the entire roof.

4. Check the weather. If there is a good chance of precipitation in the forcast, hold off on coating until there is a break.

5. Start in the morning so the coating is allowed to cure doing the warmest part of the day.

Ames Roof Coating

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