“Make it the best you can.” – Oliver Ames Senior

The Ames family has a rich background here in the states, from Fisher Ames having a hand in writing the First Amendment of the Constitution to Oaks Ames building the Union Pacific Railroad. We are proud and patriotic, and that flows into our work and products. We are a premium provider not only because of our top of the line coatings, but our excellent service and practices.

We believe if you’re going to do something, you should do it right. To us that means following our values, which is why we manufacture all of our coatings here in the United States. The impacts and benefits of American-based manufacturing are woven throughout the fabric of our society:

Maintaining Quality:

Keeping our production in America ensures certain standards of quality.

Employee Wellbeing:

We are able to make sure we have created safe and fair work environments for our employees.

Environmental Responsibility:

Companies often outsource to countries with little regulation on pollutants. Producing in the USA makes us good stewards of the earth.

Stimulate National Economy:

Providing stable jobs to American workers means they will be able to spend and invest here in the states.

Ames Research Laboratories strives to be sustainable on all fronts. We want to create an enjoyable present, as well as a fruitful future for the members of our family and country. This is why we are manufacture in the USA, and why we are more than willing to go the extra mile to follow our moral compass.