Quality Control

Written by Tim Simpson, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Coatings Inspector


Quality is created through managing every facet of the project beginning with proper mobilization, a written plan, a site-specific safety checklist, product data and safety data sheets onsite, and how you react to physical realities of the job site conditions as you apply the various Ames Products.

Every Plan A requires a Plan B, which is how you react to always-changing job site conditions and achieve your desired results despite the changes. 

Completing a successful roof system project is not a time to let crew members learn from their mistakes. By paying close attention to each part of the roof system process, you can teach new crew and redirect established crew to properly apply all materials using methods that will become second nature over time.

Allowing a crew member to apply Ames Poly-Bridge mesh onto a skinned over stripe coat down a seam is a mistake made in supervision. Catching the problem at the beginning and adjusting the process increases production and quality.

Supervisors do not look over the shoulders of their crew to catch them failing but to help them succeed.

By measuring how crews are improving during a project you are acknowledging their learning and improving their sense of self-worth. This also increases production and quality. I frequently remind my crews that I am always receptive to what they think about an application or process. Reward people for their good ideas that improve quality and production at the same time. Money can go a long way but positive reinforcement sometimes goes much further.

By creating a project manual with the job planning and data information components available onsite each morning, it is easier to open the job manual for a quick safety meeting, discussion of the plan for the day, review of the work plan site map, etc. 

In the process, this will reset everyone’s attitude to a safe and productive mode while taking the opportunity to discuss how to maintain quality and maintain or improve productivity. Quality is a state of mind.


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