Written by Tim Simpson, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Coatings Inspector


Most contractors have a mix of field personnel made up of young individuals entering the industry and older guard experienced journeymen who have handled roofing projects for many years. Sometimes the older experienced journeymen take new employees under their wing, and sometimes not.

It is vital to be familiar with the crew and how to effectively apply your safety program with both the older and newer recruits to keep everyone safe and maximize production while doing so as safety is not a trade secret.

Identify site-specific safety protocols for the upcoming roof project mobilization, know OSHA Regulations, have the proper equipment available, and present to the crew how this specific roof project will be completed while placing and using safety equipment.

A crew that feels safe can more productively concentrate on their work performance. 

Safety equipment can be in the way when moving around on the roof project and applying roof coating materials. Just as you make a plan for how to travel across the roof with access and egress to and from the roof in mind, you also need to plan for how to connect and move safety ropes in use to avoid disruption to the orderly flow of work performance. This affects where you install roof tie-offs if not already available on the roof.

Safety can also be a profit-generating item for your company. Smart contractors will offer to permanently install tie-offs for their Facility Owners while completing roof projects so other trades can more safely navigate the roofs while maintaining roof-mounted equipment. I do not know of many Facility Owners and Managers who will decline to improve their Plant or Facility Safety Program. It might as well be you making the money for installing the safety enhancements! 

Also consider selling your customer on installing safety walkway corridors in an accent color on the roofs for use by other trades and enhanced protection of the new Ames Monolithic Reinforced Seamless Membrane Roof System you are installing. Price these items separately on your proposal if you want, but do show your prospective customer you are thinking of them in a holistic way during your sales presentation.


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