Maintaining Toolboxes to Protect Production

Written by Tim Simpson, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Coatings Inspector


  • Keep spare wear parts and extra fittings in a toolbox for the sprayer.
  • Keep an extra spray gun. 
  • Have an extra spray line on the job and the couplings to add the hose into the line set.
  • If you can afford to, have an extra pump onsite or nearby. Do so to avoid a shift loss in the schedule in the event the pump goes down.
  • Maintain redundancy in spare parts – if there is no use for them on the current job, there certainly will be down the line.


Most importantly, thoroughly research the Ames website and talk with our technical representatives about how to optimize the performance of your project. We can assist you in applying the proper roof coating system specification for the roof you intend to work on. 


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