Speeding up Production – Proper Staging of Materials.

Written by Tim Simpson, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Coatings Inspector


Aim to keep your roof free of any materials not immediately being installed. Excessive materials create obstacles to work around and will eventually need to be moved out of the way. With that, you are now working with a team on high-production processes and missing materials on the roof can stop the train cold in its tracks.

If you run out of fabric while conducting long seam roof runs or full membrane reinforcing procedures, you’re not stopping one man from working but are instead idling four to five men. Avoid this by having adequate fabric and sundries on the roof to change rollers, wash hand tools, and efficiently keep the train rolling. Do not store liquid coating materials in the direct sun on a hot roof unless there is a shaded area designated to store the material in or can cover the materials to keep them cool. A hot pail of Ames Elasto-Barrier will dry a lot quicker than a cool pail of material. Keep materials’ open working times up by storing all materials in a covered, climate-controlled, or shaded location when ambient conditions dictate.


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