Reflective Safety Paint™

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Ames® Reflective Safety Paint™ strongly reflects light while also resisting peeling because of its elasticity and also is safe to use outdoors. It is easy to apply as well as clean up, making it great for DIY projects as well as commercial ones.


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What is Ames® Reflective Safety Paint™?

Brighten things up with Ames® Reflective Safety Paint™. By utilizing the elastomeric and waterproof technology, our reflective paint is perfect for safety applications and anything you want seen. It strongly reflects light while also resisting peeling because of its elasticity and also is safe to use outdoors. It is easy to apply as well as clean up, making it great for DIY projects as well as commercial ones. Reflective Safety Paint™ comes along with Ames® coatings are environmentally friendly and made in America.

For Use On:
• Curbs
• Hydrants
• Walls
• Parking Lots Barriers
• Railways
• Wherever you want to reflect light

Can be used as a Reflective Mining Paint to mark exits or pathways needed.

Application Tools:
3-4 inch Wide Paint Brush
Low Nap Roller and Handle
Commercial Sprayer
Sandblasting tube
Wagner Texture Hand Sprayer

Important: Test Your Application Surface and Weather. Read all instructions on this label before beginning. Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area, to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs, and the product works to your satisfaction. For hard-to-stick surfaces, apply Super Primer™, which has an affinity to most any surface, especially to asphalt, concrete, metal, and stucco. Be sure that surfaces are clean and dry before the coating application. Caulk all cracks greater than 1/8″ wide with Blue Max® Trowel Grade. Install adequate drains to drain flat roofs.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces should be dry, clean, and free of oil, grease, and loose or flaking material. Power wash old surfaces, until surfaces are clean and free from moss and loose materials. This product has excellent bonding to most concrete, wood, metal, and many hard-to-stick surfaces. Additional bonding and waterproofing for stucco or concrete can be achieved by using Ames® Blue Max®, or Ames® Super Primer™. If concrete is decomposing, it may be necessary to fill or repair it with Blue Max® Trowel Grade. New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days prior to application of this product. Cracks larger than 1/8″ should be filled with Blue Max® Trowel Grade, and all seams should be taped and coated. Mask off the area to be sprayed. Lay a tarp on the floor to catch excess lenses that may fall to the floor.

Application with Brush or Roller:

Ames® Reflective Safety Paint™ and Coating can be applied with a brush or roller. It generally covers in one to two coats.

Texture Sprayer Application Method:

Texture sprayers for coatings have been around for some time. Ames Labs has found a texture sprayer capable of spraying our reflective coating. A Wagner Texture Hand Sprayer is recommended for spray application. This is a small hand held sprayer that contains a built-in blower that blows air and material through a quarter inch nose onto a concrete or wood surface. The sprayer method greatly accelerates the application and is excellent for small jobs. The sprayer will greatly simplify your application. This is a new method of application recommended by Ames Research. Use protective goggles in the application area. Pour the coating or scoop the coating into the hopper (about one gallon). Spray the coating at about 20 inches distance in laying a pattern that works for you.

Additional Reflectivity:

While the product is still wet, additional lenses provided can be sprayed on with the Wagner texture sprayer. Clean out your hopper or have an extra clean hopper for spraying the reflective lenses (glass beads) on to the wet coating. It is a good idea to put down a tarp to collect the extra lenses for reuse on your next application. Thousands of lenses will hit the wet coating and stick. Some will bounce. Reflective lenses can also be spread on by hand into the wet surface. These additional lenses provide the highest amount of reflectivity. Allow the coating to completely dry. The lenses will reflect back much like thousands of diamonds.


The rate of coverage depends upon the surface condition. Road surfaces will require thicker, or multiple coats. One gallon covers approximately 25 to 50 sq. feet per gallon per coat. Actual coverage will depend on the roughness, texture, and porosity of surface being treated. Areas in poor condition may require additional coats, and will have a lower coverage rate.

Weather and Drying Guidelines:

For exterior applications this product is best applied between 40 to 90 degrees F (4.5 to 32 degrees C) on warm dry surfaces. Be sure humidity is less than 50% and dew point and temperature have a good spread. This product begins to dry in 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon thickness of application and weather. It continues to cure for up to 2 weeks. Low temperatures, high humidity and evening and morning dew will require increased drying/curing time. Heavier applications will require a longer drying time. A slight tack is normal after drying. This product may be re-coated or top-coated when it is dry to the touch.

IMPORTANT: For exterior applications check your local weather forecast and follow our Ames’ Weather Rule: Apply when the streets are dry, the sun is in the sky, and no inclement weather is forecast for 24 hours. The best work window during winter months is usually between 10 am and 2 pm. Low temperatures, high humidity and evening and morning dew will require increased drying/curing time. Run that test patch and be sure it is going to dry. Usually that will take 30 minutes to tell.

First Aid/Caution:

Keep out of Reach of Children. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give milk or water and seek medical attention immediately. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water and call a doctor or poison control center. This product contains a unique combination of water base acrylic co-polymers. Call 911 for the poison control center. Repeated or prolonged contact with skin may produce irritation or sensitivity. Use gloves. Water cleanup.

Clean up, Storage, and Disposal:

Clean tools and small spills with water. Store unused product in its original can, tightly sealed and protected from freezing. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, state, or federal requirements.

For Technical and Safety Data Sheets Please Contact Us

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2 reviews for Reflective Safety Paint™

  1. Keith C

    Looks fantastic.

    Used 5 gal. silver reflective paint 25×25 room addition

    Topped Home Depot patio paint acrylic non-chip paint high adhesion with our reflective paint. The
    silver acrylic latched on to the new base magnificently. Did 2nd coat to get silver highlighted, hand sprinkled in the beads. Looks fantastic.

    Cut temperature inside the house significantly. Makes a huge different on electric bills.

    Plan to cover an asphalt roof next.

    FedEx driver who delivered the product is going to recommend to his fleet manager to use reflective paint on trucks to reduce heat inside. Recommends testing 5 trucks and see difference.

  2. Rich E

    My wine bar sign is finally seen at night.

    I own a small neighborhood beer and wine bar. It is set back off the street so it is hard to see unless you are looking for it. I’ve had people come in and tell me they’ve lived there years and didn’t know the place existed. City regulation prohibit tall signs, flashing lights, spinning signs or flags. Over a year ago I bought a gallon of your Reflective Paint to paint over my signs so maybe people might be able to see them. Well, I tend to put things off and just got around to painting the signs. Now I have several people a day coming in to tell me they saw my sign from way down the street. The paint is probably not going to make me rich but it is making a difference.

    Now on to my next great idea.

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