Ames® Poly-Bridge® is a strong polyester reinforcement fabric perfectly suited for use with Ames coatings. It contributes substantial strength to the coating with minimal show-through or profile. Poly-Bridge is easy to embed into Ames coatings, as the coating will flow through and saturate the material.

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Product Description

Poly-Bridge molds and conforms to areas prone to splitting such as flashings, cracks, gaps, vents and seams while creating a ‘bridge’ that ties surfaces together to prevent water seepage. Ames Poly-Bridge reinforcing fabric is an easy way to maximize strength and seam stability when using Ames coatings. Ames coatings perform best with Ames polyester reinforcement fabric. Please do not substitute fiberglass- or asphalt-impregnated seam tape.

Poly-Bridge is compatible with:

  • Ames Elasto-Barrier®
  • Blue Max® Tile & Floor
  • Blue Max Air Barrier
  • Blue Max Liquid Rubber Waterproofer.

4” Wide Soft-Bristled Paint Brush
Scissors or Utility Knife

Read all instructions prior to using Poly-Bridge.

Step 1. Prepare the surface.
Clean and prepare the surface, ensuring it is free of dirt and loose materials. When dry, caulk all cracks greater than 1/8” wide with Ames Blue Max Caulk or Blue Max Trowel.

Step 2. Cut the fabric. Use a pair of scissors or a utility knife to cut a length of Poly-Bridge sufficient to cover the intended seam, crack or joint. Set aside.

Step 3. Apply a base coat and embed Poly-Bridge fabric. Using a 4” wide paintbrush, apply a liberal coat of Blue Max Liquid Rubber in a path 5” to 6” wide over the seam or joint. Next, lay the cut fabric into the wet coating and use the brush to press the fabric into the coating. Take care to avoid wrinkles and fisheyes. Blue Max will easily flow through and saturate the fabric. While still wet, apply a liberal second coat of Blue Max on top of the embedded fabric. Let dry completely.

Step 4. Apply the third coat. Apply another coat of Blue Max Liquid Rubber to fill any pinholes that may be present. Let dry. If this is an exterior application, topcoat with an Ames UV-resistant topcoat.



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