Elasto-Barrier® Elastomeric Base Coating

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Ames® Elasto-Barrier® is a water-based liquid, adhesive base coat that uses dual-rubber technology to waterproof roofs. This easy-to-apply, highly elastomeric coating is specifically designed to work with Ames reinforcement roof fabric and Ames Maximum-Stretch, UV-resistant topcoat. When used together, these products create a roof coating system that helps to renew, revitalize and extend the life of properly drained roofs

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What is Ames® Elasto-Barrier®?

As a liquid, Elasto-Barrier flows into cracks and crevices. As it cures, Elasto-Barrier sets up as a tough, durable rubber, sealing leaks wherever they occur. Elasto-Barrier stretches up to 1200%, expanding and contracting to resist cracking and peeling. It has excellent bonding to old tar and asphalt roofs. Elasto-Barrier must be topcoated.

Ames Elasto-Barrier is environmentally friendly and easy to apply. It comes ready-mixed and requires little or no stirring prior to use. Simply pour it onto the surface and spread with a brush or roller. For larger roofs, Elasto-Barrier can also be applied with a commercial airless sprayer. Water-based, Elasto-Barrier is non-toxic, low-odor and cleans up with water before drying.

Elasto-Barrier adheres to a variety of surfaces including existing and badly deteriorated tar roofs. Ames Roof Coating Systems have been designed to seal, protect, maintain, and renew existing roofs that are savable and have a sound, solid substrate and proper drainage. Inspection of the roof or surface is the sole responsibility of the Owner, Owner’s Representative or Purchaser of the product. If roof conditions are suspect or are prone to leaking, contact Ames Technical Services for additional guidance. Our Waterproofing Experts can be reached at 1-888-345-0809. Note: The National Roofing Contractors Association considers ponding water on any type of roof unacceptable. See the NRCA roofing and waterproofing manual.

Where to Use:

Roofs Including:
• Tar
• Rolled
• Gravel
• EPDM Rubber
• Concrete Roof Repair
• Plywood
• Roof Decks

Other Areas Including:
• Balconies
• Porches
• Living Areas
• Wood
• Roof Valleys
• Plywood Sub-Roofs
• Decks
• Grain Bins

*Ames® Elasto- Barrier® waterproof base coat is UV sensitive and must be top coated if exposed to sunlight.

Elasto-Barrier should not be allowed to freeze during application, storage or while curing. Elasto-Barrier should only be applied to roof surfaces that are clean, dry, and sufficiently drained and in savable condition. Do not apply Elasto-Barrier when rain is expected within 24–48 hours, after 3:00 PM when dew points rise or when temperatures are expected to drop below 32°F within 16 hours.

Read all instructions prior to starting. Always run a test patch in an inconspicuous area to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs and to verify that the product works to your satisfaction before proceeding. All specifications are suggestions only.

Step 1. Prepare the surface.
Remove all loose dirt, moss and debris from the roof surface, and carefully pressure wash or scrub the surface and rinse with clean water. Allow the surface to dry. Mask or otherwise protect adjacent materials.

Step 2. Apply initial layer of Elasto-Barrier.
Pour the coating out and spread liberally with a roller, paint brush or soft-bristle push broom. For large roofs, a commercial airless sprayer is recommended. Work the product until it is smooth and has a uniform thickness. Once a film starts to form, cease handling the product to ensure it dries smoothly and without skinning over. Continued handling can create an unintended texture in the finished appearance. The coating will dry quickly on a hot day with direct sunlight.

Step 3. Apply Ames Seam Reinforcement.
Seam reinforcing with Ames Seam Tape provides reinforcement over areas prone to splitting, such as seams or joints. Seam reinforcement creates a “bridge” that ties the surfaces together so water cannot seep through. Apply Ames Poly-Bridge Reinforcing Fabric or Ames Peel & Stick Seam Tape around roof vents, protrusions, joints, cracks and along flashing on parapet walls. If using Peel & Stick Seam Tape in lieu of embedding Poly-Bridge Reinforcing Fabric, seal in the Peel & Stick Seam Tape with a coat of Elasto-Barrier over the seam tape.

Step 4. Embed Ames Roof Fabric.
Ames Contouring Polyester Roof Fabric adds substantial strength to the coating. It reinforces the coated roof surface and increases resistance to tears, rips and punctures. The roof must be completely smooth and sealed prior to installation of roof fabric. Working in sections, pour and spread an embedding coat of Elasto-Barrier in a path that is slightly wider than the width of the fabric roll. Using the push broom or roller, push the fabric into the wet coating until it is completely saturated. The fabric will absorb a large amount of the coating during this process. Cut any excess fabric with a utility knife or scissors to use on the next path. Avoid folds and wrinkles. If you choose to overlap the fabric, make sure that the overlap covers the entire length by three to four inches. Lap lines are printed onto the fabric to help guide consistent overlapping. To ensure a watertight application, overlap continuously, including the start of a new roll. Repeat this process over the entire roof surface. Allow the embedded fabric to dry completely for 24–48 hours. Apply an additional coat over the surface to completely seal and fill all remaining pinhole openings in the fabric. Be aware that thicker areas, where spray may have overlapped, may take longer to cure. Once all layers are dry, the Elasto-Barrier Fabric Reinforced System should measure 30 mils dry film thickness.

Step 5. Finish with Ames UV-Resistant Topcoat.
Topcoat with two coats of Ames Maximum-Stretch, UV-resistant topcoat.

Airless Spray Equipment
Use airless equipment with a flow rate of 1.5 to 2 GPM @ 2,500 to 3,000 PSI, using a reverse-clean tip sizes 629 (12in fan, 0.29 orifice size) to 633 (12in fan, 0.33 orifice size). Recommended hose size is 3/8in reduced to 1/4in before connection to the gun. (Hose size may need to be increased depending on combined total length of hose used and elevation of the roof.) Use a rock screen on the pick-up tube and a 60 mesh filter on the output side of the pump. If the spray gun has a filter, temporarily remove. Airless equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after each use, without delay. Note to Professional Applicators: See our online application guideline “Tips” for Pros Blog to learn how to increase production rates while solving elevation and length issues and reduce applicator fatigue. Commercial sprayer specifications are located on our website at www.amesresearch.com. For professional high production application techniques, consult Ames Tech Services for larger equipment recommendations.

Elasto-Barrier is best applied to warm, dry surfaces at temperatures between 50°F to 90°F (10°C to 30°C) and less than 40% humidity. Do not apply to wet surfaces or when rain is forecast within 24–48 hours. Do not apply late in the day as evening dew may inhibit drying.

Dry times are dependent upon the thickness of application, humidity and weather. Elasto-Barrier begins to dry in approximately 2–4 hours, but a full 24 hours between coats is recommended to allow for variations in weather and thickness. Make sure that each coat is completely dry before proceeding with additional coats. The coating should be cured after 24 hours. Some conditions, such as low temperature, high humidity, and evening and morning dew, can increase curing times. Ames Research Laboratories is not responsible for any wash-off that may occur due to inclement weather.

For Technical and Safety Data Sheets Please Contact Us

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Cleanup, Storage and Disposal
Clean-up tools and small spills with water. Airless equipment should be cleaned promptly after use. Clean paint sprayer pump, hose, gun, filters and pick-up tube thoroughly with warm, soapy water repeatedly before storage. Store unused product in its original can, tightly sealed and protected from freezing. Dispose of the product in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

Estimated Coverage
Standard coverage rate for Elasto-Barrier is 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft. per coat. Rough or unsmooth surfaces may require additional coats.

3″–4″ Wide Soft-Bristled Paint Brush
Low Nap Roller and Handle
Soft-Bristled Push Broom

Scissors or Utility Knife

  • Optional: Commercial Airless Sprayer
  • Optional: Pressure Washer
  • Optional: Mil Gauge to Check Coating Thickness

Ames Peel & Stick Seam Tape or Ames Poly-Bridge Reinforcement Fabric for seams
Ames Contouring Polyester Roof Fabric for embedding in Elasto-Barrier
Ames Maximum-Stretch, UV-resistant topcoat

Refer to the Technical Data Sheet for all specifications, tests, guidelines and further information for professional installation. For additional information, contact Ames Technical Services.

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5 reviews for Elasto-Barrier® Elastomeric Base Coating

  1. Matt G. (verified owner)

    Overall I am happy with the product performance. I put in a new estimated 240sq ft plywood roofdeck. I bought the seal tape and elasto barrier, and the roofing fabric. Seal tape review, takeaway is it works well, but the 6 inch is hard to work with. The inch tape is MUCH easier to work with. Lessons learned, use smaller sections of the 6inch tape so that it doesn’t fold onto itself and ruin the entire piece. Elasto barrier review, I put down a liberal first coat directly onto the clean, dry plywood. This coat has been my saving grace to this point. Lessons learned. Apply the first coat liberally under direct sunlight. Roofing fabric review, For the next step I tried to embed the roofing fabric as seen in a few videos online. I realized a few key points after I experienced some hardships. Takeaways, If doing this alone, cut the roofing fabric in half to make it easier to use. Two, make sure the coat of elasto barrier you put underneath the fabric to embed it is liberal and does not miss any areas the fabric touches. Three, DO NOT allow any wrinkles or bubbles. My final steps have been and will be, elasto barrier the cut-out bubble holes. Let the patches cure for 1.5 days in sun and double-check for any more bubble patches I have missed. Next, I will apply final liberal topcoat of elasto barrier to whole roof. Let cure. Top coat with safe t deck. Overall I am happy with the product performance, although the roofing fabric application could have been a better experience if I had known the dire importance of these few things I mentioned above. Live and learn and hopefully this deck will still turn out nice. Hope this helps another serious DIYer.

  2. Phil Y. (verified owner)

    Good stuff. I used this under the Maximum stretch and it has been 10 years in the southern sun, and I have my first leak. I am going to order some maximum stretch and recoat. It was recommended to recoat in 5 years so lasting 10 was good service.

  3. Mike R

    We tried all kinds of products to seal our deck. This one worked and lasted well over 10 years. Apply as instructed with a base coat, then the mesh then extra base coats to cover the mesh and finally the UV protection. We applied an added coat after 5 years and it still was shedding water with no cracking after 15 years when we moved.

  4. Nikolay Kh

    Easy to apply, waterproofing well, its like rubber , you applied and forget about it.

  5. Sterling W

    Once upon a time, I had a leak on my upper deck that covers my lower patio area. So desperate to stop the leak, I was hoodwinked into buying products like Flex Seal and other tarred materials. Those products did not stop my leak. It wasn’t until I used your products the Super Elasto Barrier followed by the Maximum Stretch, I was able to stop the leak. I waited several months after the initial use to provide this feedback because I wanted to be sure your product worked. Well, here in the Dallas Metro Area we have had several tornado like rains and my deck does not leak. I will not hesitate to recommend your product particularly the Maximum Stretch to anyone. Keep up the good work, take care.

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