Clear Seal™ Semi Clear Acrylic Polymer

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Ames® Clear Seal™ is a unique, semi-clear elastomeric plastic sealant and adhesive for wood and concrete. Rotting and deteriorating surfaces can be restored to a somewhat new condition and often the surface life can be extended for one or more years of usefulness. Buy more, save big!


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What is Ames® Clear Seal™?

Restore old wood or concrete with Ames Clear Seal™. Clear Seal™ is a semi-clear plastic sealant and adhesive. It can help restore the exterior or interior vertical concrete, wood or masonry surface by saturating the surface and binding. It is elastomeric, stretching up to 300% to resist peeling. It is a thick liquid plastic and can be used on vertical surfaces such as brick, wood shingles, any type of wood siding, and metal. It will dry to a semi-clear and semi-gloss finish.


Clear Seal™ may be added to many water base latex stains or coatings to increase adhesion to other surfaces, especially chalking surfaces. The approximate amount to add is one pint per one gallon.

Clear Seal™ Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Clear Seal™ Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

1 review for Clear Seal™ Semi Clear Acrylic Polymer

  1. Justin B.

    Great Product, we use it daily. We use this product to seal all of our stonework. Be sure to wear and mask, googles, and protect your surroundings well because this is one strong chemical. The finished product though is amazing, we love this sealer.

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