Blue Max® Liquid Rubber Sealant

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Ames® Blue Max® is a special blend of adhesive, high-strength liquid rubber for your basement waterproofing. Buy more and save with bulk discounts on this basement waterproof coating.

20 Year Limited Warranty!


  • Up to 1200% Elastic
  • Non-toxic, ECO-Friendly, Water Clean-up, VOC Free
  • Helps Stop Mold & Mildew On Underlayment, Wood, Foundations, Concrete
  • Coverage: 1 gallon per 100 square feet per coat
  • Adhesion – 198.8 psi
  • Self Sealing – ASTM D1970 Section 7.9
  • ICF Approved

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This product is not suitable for water tanks, cisterns, etc.

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What is Ames® Blue Max®?

Waterproof your basement with Blue Max® 100% Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant. Blue Max® is a strong and highly adhesive elastomeric waterproof sealant paint for extreme wet situations, such as below grade foundations and basement walls. It is a thick, blue liquid rubber that can stretch up to 1200% to resist cracking and peeling in wet situations and can remain flexible in extreme cold and heat. Blue Max® is impervious to water and has incredibly strong adhesion.
Not recommended for pools, ponds or cisterns

Where to Use:
Use Ames’® Blue Max® on Basements, Cellars, Foundations and Below Grade Walls. Ames® Blue Max® is also an excellent coating for ICF (insulated concrete forms), as well as Metal, Wood, Concrete, and many other applications. The adhesive qualities in Ames® Blue Max® actually glues surfaces together and strengthens wall construction. Ames® Blue Max® outperforms isocyanate urethanes, and works well as a primer and waterproofing membrane for Ames® products such as Ames® Safe-T-Deck®, Ames® Snow Seal®, Ames® Maximum-Stretch®, Ames® Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber, Ames® Block & Wall® Acrylic, Ames® Iron Coat® and many other coatings. Ames® Blue Max® must be top coated for UV protection in exterior applications.

Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before the coating application. Read all label instructions before beginning. Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs and the product works to your satisfaction. Caulk all cracks l;ess than 5/8″ wide with Ames® Blue Max® Trowel-Grade. Surfaces with joints, cracks, or where two unlike surfaces come together, require Ames® Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape (PS250, PS450 or PS650) to provide some additional strength and reinforcement. Prime all surfaces generously with Ames® Blue Max® prior to setting the Seam Tape in place. Apply a liberal topcoat of Ames® Blue Max® over the Seam Tape and allow to cure. Ames® Blue Max® does not need a primer.

General Application:
These are general application guidelines. Various factors including climate, condition and age of the surface factor into the application technique. That is why we offer a Toll Free Technical help line Monday to Friday. Please call with any questions before you begin your project – 1-888-345-0809. The surface must be clean, dry, and free of loose material. Fill all joints or cracks less than 5/8 inch with Ames® Blue Max® Trowel Grade. It is important to seam tape all joints and cracks to avoid future cracking and leaking. Ames® Blue Max® may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. We recommend three gallons per 100 square feet for water containment. The application must be applied in a continuous, unbroken seal of a minimum dry thickness of no less than 30 mils (the thickness of a dime).

Ames® Blue Max® can be applied with a paint brush, a push broom, a low nap roller with a long handle or a Commercial Airless Sprayer. In addition, you will need Ames® Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape and scissors or a utility knife. For larger commercial jobs. We recommend an airless sprayer with a 3/8-inch, 150-foot hose. Graco, Bulldog or Titan work well. Call for specific specification.

Clean-up, Storage, and Disposal:
Clean tools and small spills with water. Store unused product in its original container, tightly sealed and protected from freezing. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, state, or federal requirements.

Weather and Drying Guide:

Ames® Blue Max® is best applied between 50° to 90° F (10° to 32° C) on warm dry surfaces. For exterior applications apply when the streets are dry, the sun is in the sky and no inclement weather is forecast. Starts to dry in 30 minutes to 2 hours, allow a minimum of 24 hours between coats. Depending on thickness of application and weather; It continues to cure for up to 2 weeks. A slight tack is normal after drying. Ames Blue Max may be re-coated or top coated when it is dry to the touch. Low temperatures, high humidity and evening and morning dew will require increased drying/curing time.

Estimated Coverage:
Standard product coverage on a smooth surface is 100 sq. ft. per gallon per coat (est. 10 mil). More than one coat recommended. More coats equal longer life. Rough surfaces will require additional product and drying time.

Can be used in Conjunction with:
Ames® Blue Max® Trowel Grade and works well as a primer and waterproofing membrane for Ames® Safe-T-Deck®, Ames® Snow Seal®, Ames® Maximum-Stretch®, Ames® Block & Wall®, Ames® Iron Coat® and many other coatings. Ames® Blue Max® must be top coated for UV protection in exterior applications.

For Technical and Safety Data Sheets Please Contact Us

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20 Year Limited Warranty

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16 reviews for Blue Max® Liquid Rubber Sealant

  1. Peter S

    This really works! I had a house built on the side of a hill and the stacked-stone basement walls leaked like a sieve. It took 2 5-gallon buckets but it never leaked again after putting this on. Highly recommended!!!!!

  2. Carol P.

    This review regards the phone call I had with Gene, the product tech, who was absolutely excellent in dealing with me regarding my leaky basement walls. He explained everything, step by step, from how to clean the basement walls, seal the cracks, what type of brush or roller to use, how to use the tape, calculated the square footage for product coverage, to how to apply Blue Max. He even had me email pictures of my basement walls so as to determine with what I was dealing. He gave me the confidence to tackle the job. Once I am finished, I will send a review regarding how Blue Max actually worked. I am anxious to get started.

  3. Jeffery C

    I love their products. I called with a few questions before hand, and they answered them fast. Basement is still dry two years later.

  4. Brian S.

    Terrific Product. Great sales staff.

  5. Rex H.

    I am very pleased with the great customer service I received from Tracy on how to prep and apply Blue Max.
    Tracey took the time to understand my job and is completely thorough in explaining in detail how to do the job right. Customer Service is very important to me and Tracey unquestionably knows Ames products and application. This is the way a company should be run.
    Knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for my needs.

  6. Dave G.

    Very happy here in Australia.

    Liquid rubber is the only thing under the harsh Australian sun that benefited From torrential rain and salt living by the sea.

    A big a1 and 5 stars.

  7. Donna D

    As an Ace Hardware retailer, I have often recommended Blue Max to my customers over the last 11 years to stop basement leaks. I have had nothing but positive feedback and many happy customers who come back to my store for other Ames products to solve all of their waterproofing needs. Five stars. Excellent product.

  8. Chris F.

    I used Blue Max on a leaking teak deck on a sailboat. The Ames Research guys were hesitant to endorse that use. Teak is hard for anything to stick to. There were a few issues, but overall, it was a huge success. I had tried reseaming with polysulfide rubber, even tried varnishing it with Cetol, but nothing worked.
    I had to wait for the driest time of year. I did had some minor blistering in a few spots on hot days, as vapor tried to escape. I never got blisters on areas coated with Cetol, so that may serve as a good primer for Blue Max. At the end of it, I had coated everything that wasn’t gelcoat, and it was beautiful. The non-skid parts were the best I’ve experienced. No slip at all. In the few places with blisters, I cut it away and recoated. The job was still fine after 2 years. I sold the boat, but couldn’t have been more pleased with how it turned out.

  9. Hondo H.

    PROBLEM SOLVED. Year after year we had water seeping into the family room of our split level house. Many products were tried, and many hours were wasted, until I discovered Blue Max. In the 9 months since applying Blue Max, we have been inundated with snow and torrential rains, but not a drop of precipitation got through. Thank you so much.

  10. Robert H.

    I used it to coat treated lumber for raised garden beds, on the insides of the beds and the posts that go into the ground. It paints on wonderfully, just used a 5in brush. Washes off the brush when done for the day. Hardens into a rubbery coating that should protect our wood for an additional ten years at least.

  11. Chris D.

    Blue Max worked great in my basement

    Purchased Blue Max a year ago and sprayed it on my basement walls. No problems since. Great product.

  12. Sara C.

    I have applied two coats in the basement laundry area. We have had rain since and basement is dry. Also used the seam tape along the bottom of the wall and floor. Applied the coats very thickly and still have half a container. Can’t wait to do the rest of the walls in the basement.

  13. Jimmy M.

    Worked great on new home construction.

    I rolled on the first coating and sprayed on the second coating using a rented Graco 5900 with a 0531 tip. Spraying it was SUPER easy. I was concerned about that and no review I could find seemed to indicate how well spraying it would go. It also cleaned up easily enough so that I got my deposit for the sprayer back from the paint shop.

    I’m not done with the house yet so I can’t speak to the longevity of it, but all other reviews I’ve seen indicate that it’ll work out just fine.
    Works Just Like it Says

  14. Alex A

    Works Just Like it Says

    Our basement wall leaked all the time, we even got mold and had floods. Got rid of the mold applied this product and it is great, we have gone 2 years with no leaks. We are redoing another room with a partial basement wall and decided to use this as a precaution. Very impressed with Blue Max.

  15. Jim B.


    We used blue max product on a leaking brick wall in a warehouse.when it would leak it would create black mold.we tried many other brand name products that were suppose to take care of this issue. they all failed very quickly. I found this product on line . I called your customer service dept. and asked for a recommendation.i used what was recommended and It performed just as I had hoped it would and more impressive just as the company had told me it would. very pleased with product and would highly recommend it.

  16. Chase S

    Only thing that worked. My basement leaked every since I moved into my house. We have tried every product out there and they all had the same results, didn’t work. We applied 2 coats of Blue Max and had our first winter with it and it hasn’t leaked at all. I would highly recommend this product for basements. The customer service when I called in was fantastic as well.

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