Pete Cary

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Meet the Staff

Meet Pete Cary, one of Ame’s oldest employees. Pete has been with Ames for 15 years. While he attended Western Oregon University for Biology and Ecology, he also has professional experience in management, customer service, quality assurance auditing, and sales & marketing. Currently at Ames he is in charge of opening new accounts. These accounts are dealers such as ACE Hardware, and True Value who help distribute Ames products across the nation. Along with talking with larger businesses, Pete also interacts with individual customers to find out their wants and needs and how we can integrate that into our products. We all believe that listening to customer feedback is key to our success as a business, and Pete is a major key to translating customer wants and needs into quality products.

Pete Cary

When he’s not working on expanding Ames and making sales, Pete enjoys the outdoors. A fan of alternative sports, he is a climber, backpacker, and backcountry skier. He has climbed all the peaks around Crater Lake as well as Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Thielson, Three Fingered Jack, and climbed around Smith Rocks. His favorite area is the close to home Mount Jefferson Wilderness.

Pete says working for Ames has been a great experience for him as every day presents a new opportunity for him to grow personally and professionally. The job is never boring and every day proposes a new challenge and learning experience for him. Even after twenty five years of working with Dr. Ames and the crew, he doesn’t find himself getting bored because of the ever changing workplace and market.

We are lucky to have an employee like Pete with experience in many fields to help bring our products and company up  to the caliber they are now. If you have any questions about our roof coatings or want to purchase one of our products for your next project, call us at 1-888-345-0809 and let us help you get your next project underway.