Finding leaks around your skylight? The seams of a skylight window can be tricky, but luckily you have Ames.

The trick to skylights is knowing the problem areas. As shown in the diagram, leaks often form in the area where the window meets the roof. To combat leakage and account for movement around the roof, Ames Peel and Stick Seam Tape is ideal for the job because it is highly adhesive, wide enough to completely cover the problem area, and contours with the skylight to waterproof on corners and other weird angles.

Clean the area using pure water. Be sure the surface is clean and completely dry before the application of the tape or coating. Apply seam tape by first lining it up with the area you are about to tape and peeling off the back of the tape to reveal the adhesive. Press tape firmly to the surface. Apply in small sections to ensure you don’t wrinkle the the tape or stick it to itself.

Once seam tape is applied top coat the tape with a coat of Ames Elasto-Barrier followed by a coat of Maximum Stretch. Now you can coat your roof around the skylight, or keep it as is with these repairs done.