Ames Games

Ames End of Summer Project Showdown

What did you use your Ames products for? Did your back deck get a make over? Is your roof or basement watertight, ready for the winter? Or was it something entirely different, coloring outside the lines and getting crafty with our coatings?

Well we want to know. Our coatings aren’t much if there isn’t a person to hold the brush, and we want to know how you put them to work.

How do I enter?


  1. Post your project to your Pinterest account
  2. Send your post in a message to the Ames Research Laboratories Pinterest account (Just type Ames Research under “Or send to:” when messaging!)
  3. We post it to our contest board!


  1. Make a post on Facebook showing off your project.
  2. Make sure to tag the Ames Research Laboratories page and have proper privacy settings on so we can see it.
  3. We share it on our Facebook and on our Pinterest page!


  1. Tweet a picture of your project.
  2. Tag us in your tweet using @AmesResearchLab
  3. We will retweet and share your project!

What if I don’t have social media?

No worries! Just email us at [email protected] with your pictures and you’re in the running! We will post your pictures to our Pinterest board with the other contestants.