Ames and Sustainability

by | Apr 6, 2017 | What Makes Us Ames

Our product line isn’t just great because of its performance. Ames Research Laboratories realizes there is value beyond just the initial reward. Here is how our products go beyond to save you money, energy and encourage health.

Energy Savings-

If energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to perform the same task, Ames products are proven to increase efficiency in the home. There are several studies, such as ones done by UC Berkeley, that have proven white roofing reduces air-conditioning costs by up to 30% annually. This is a substantial amount and can make a huge difference in household costs in climates with extreme temperatures and peak wattage times.

Ames products have the highest reflectivity in the industry. A good example of this is our top product, Ames Maximum-Stretch, a roof coating that has an initial high reflectivity as well as one of the industry’s highest reflectivities over several years. This means that beyond the initial reflectivity of the paint, it will keep maintaining high levels of reflectiveness even after being exposed to the elements over its lifetime.


Product Lifespan-

Ames products are long-lasting and durable, meaning you won’t be replacing them for a long time. The products we provide are made to last and endure the elements, as well as help to strengthen your existing roofs and decks. Ames products flow into cracks to renew and protect the surfaces they are applied to and is an effective form of preventative roof maintenance. This means the lifespan of your roof or deck will be significantly lengthened and you won’t have to spend time and money making “quick fixes” over the course of its existence.

Environmentally Friendly Compounds-

For our products, we aim to be environmentally conscious about even the ingredients. Out coatings and sealants use water as a solvent and use “green” rubber as a main component. All our products are made in the United States and follow regulations.

Low VOC-

Here at Ames, we strive to make products that appeal to the Do It Yourself-er. We know that a problem many handy-men and women have is the toxicity of products and the odor and fumes that follow it in your home. That is why our products are low-odor and low VOC (volatile organic compounds). Volatile organic compounds have an unfavorable smell and annoying, which is why we here at Ames make strides to avoid them. Our products such as Blue Max and Maximum Stretch are odorless and low VOC, so they are great products for these type of areas.

We want to make sure we have great products and happy customers and we know a big part of that is making sure we are designing products that you feel safe and good about using. Try one of Ames Research Laboratories’ many products that you can use in confidence knowing it will be simple to apply, long lasting, safe for everyone, and low impact.