a picture of ames American history

Our History:

No family had more to do with Americas foundations than the Ames family of Massachusetts.

There is “NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT IN THE WORLD!” were the words used by Abraham Lincoln when he appointed representative Oaks Ames and Oliver Ames to build the Union Pacific railroad to connect the east coast and the west coast.

  Old Oliver Ames was the founder of the oldest company in the United States.

Ames started building shovels in 1774.  He always stated that it was important to “make it the best you can.”

Thus Dr. Wm. Ames who founded “Ames Research Laboratories, did so on those principles. Dr. Wm Ames is a decedent of old Oliver Ames of Easton Massachusetts.  From there comes some of the most famous founders of our country. That includes the author of the first amendments Fisher Ames, also Governor Ames of Massachusetts thus Ames Iowa home of the famous straw poll.

Dr. Wm. Ames has adopted those most famous principle words in the manufacturing of his company’s products. There really aren’t any other products like them out there in the world anywhere!