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Unique Projects

~Cardboard Boat~

I just thought I would drop you a note and let you know what we have been doing with one of your products.
I am a high school wood shop teacher and a while back one of our teachers went to a boat show that had a cardboard boat on display and a "how to" book to go with it. I purchased the book and myself along with a couple of my students took on the task of building it. After all the measuring, cutting, folding and gluing of the cardboard we cover it with 3 coats of block and wall liquid rubber. The first one floats great. I can't wait to see all 4 boats out in the river together. I am attaching some pictures for you to see. Thank you for such a great product.

Laurie Howard
Product: Block & Wall


~Concrete Structure~

Residential Project: Earthship
Click the image above to view photo slideshow

~Tear Drop Trailer~


This is the tear drop trailer we restored and used maximum-stretch on the out side of. We put on two coats super primer and eight coats of colored maximum-stretch (4 1/2 gallons ). We are very happy with the way your products coated the whole out side to seal up all the seams.
Thought you and Pete would like to see some pictures.

Larry Davis

Trailer before Trailer after
Trailer alternate view Click the images for larger view

~Roof Mural~

Created with Snow Seal
Roof Mural created with Ames' Elastomeric Roof Products. Click for larger view
click image for larger view


Only the cupola was painted with your paint. Perfect match I'd say, and behold - no more leaks. Wonderful stuff

Thank You!
Bill & Doris French

Click images for larger view

Click for larger view

Click for larger view
Before After

~Environmentally Friendly Paint~
Unique use for Liquid Granite

I own a specialty painting business in Oregon and have done extensive research on environmentally safe coatings.

Ames manufactures the best coating products I have found for Oregon’s wet weather. The price, durability, and safety of these products are superb.

Paint & Prime 25 year is a truly revolutionary product. In my painting business we get around 20 gallons of paint for every 15 gallons we buy because we are able to add 5 gallons of water and the paint is still thicker than most.

Ames products are full of integrity and I am grateful to use them.

Jeremy Girard,
President of Paintegrity Earth Friendly Painting
Purchased Paint & Prime and Liquid Granite

Click for larger view  
Click for larger view
Fountain project using Liquid Granite Shower Stall

~Seaworthy Cardboard Box~

Battle of the Ames

Cardboard box coated with Ames' Block & Wall
Click for video
Watch the video (3.56 mb) View our photo album

Click for larger image Dear Dr. Curtright,

I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful waterproof paint you donated to our Royal Rangers' cardboard boat race. The "Block & Wall" waterproof coating we applied to our cardboard boat was just the right combination of pliability and waterproof toughness. Our boat withstood the race virtually unscathed and even survived the demolition derby of cardboard boats that left every other boat in the competition as a soggy pile of wet cardboard on the beach. Our boat was still usable even after riding home in the back of my truck through a tropical storm! I would have never thought it possible.

Your generosity towards someone whom you did not know and have still not even met was above and beyond what we could have asked or hoped. The boys had a great time and will always have great memories. Thank you.

Steven P. Skinner
Hatfield, VA
Product: Block & Wall

~Dock bumper~


Click to viewAttached is a photo of the dock bumper I have painted with the Safe-T- Deck. Perhaps (in black) this could be another use for your product. The bumper was a slipping hazard, now thanks to the Safe-T- Deck it looks good and is non-slip.

Mike Q.

~Around a pool~

Click for larger imageI recently did two projects for my home using your Elasto-Barrier and Maximum-Stretch for a flat roof also taping the seam between the house and roof and also sealed the deck around my pool. I have to say that this is the greatest stuff I have ever used and that it is so easy to apply. I simply used a 4" paint brush and a roller and it went on very easily. I have attached a picture I took this am of my pool job. My wife is very delighted also, she said this is the whitest white she has ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Bill Dixon
Elasto-Barrier; Maximum-Stretch

~Reflective Paint Signage~

I own a small neighborhood beer and wine bar. It is set back off the street so it is hard to see unless you are looking for it. I've had people come in and tell me they've lived there years and didn't know the place existed. City regulation prohibit tall signs, flashing lights, spinning signs or flags. Over a year ago I bought a gallon of your Reflective Paint to paint over my signs so maybe people might be able to see them. Well, I tend to put things off and just got around to painting the signs. Now I have several people a day coming in to tell me they saw my sign from way down the street. The paint is probably not going to make me rich but it is making a difference.

Now on to my next great idea.

Rich Elliott
Imperial Beach, CA
Product: Reflective Paint

~Boat Deck and Canvas~

I received my 2 gallon order today. This is my second project on my boat using your products and I am looking forward to a leak free deck to go with my Ames coated leak free cabin top. The Safe-T-Deck I applied last summer over canvas has held up beautifully under direct sun, kept the boat cooler inside, and was 100% waterproof all winter. My decks are 30 year old fir plank and we have not been able to find a caulk that will stand up to the shrink/expansion of the wood without seams opening up and leaking for the first half of the winter. After the success we had with the cabin top, I am confident that painting the decks with Safe-T-Deck will help preserve them and keep fresh water from soaking in and causing rot. Thank you again for the great product!

D.S. Savage
Alameda, CA
Purchased Safe-T-Deck


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