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Metal Roofs, RV's & Mobile Homes

~Metal Roofs~

Hi Dama

Thank you for all your time and effort spent on me. This showed me that I was correct in purchasing your product. The service is exceptional and so far the product went on with out a glitch. I was able to do the seams 4 times and the whole roof twice with the 5 gallon can. I included some pictures of the before and after of my roof. Please keep me informed if you do get a Canadian distributor. . .

Thank you again Dama

Terry Sararas

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Before application of Ames Waterproofing Coatings After application of Ames waterproofing coatings
Before After

Long-Term Report...

To whomever it concerns, my name is Mark Lambert and I bought some elastomeric products and seam tape off of you a couple years back. I own and operate a company called Division 9 Ltd. Being a member of New Hope (Church), I took on a 25,000 sq. ft metal roof repair. This building had well over 200 documented leaks. At times during worship services we literally had trash cans catching water in the chapel. After two winters the roof has remained 99.9 percent leak free. The few leaks we've had has been traced to sidewalls. All in all the product and application cost us literally 40% of the cheapest estimates that we've had to repair the roof with only 1 year of warranty. All in all I just wanted to let you know that I would endorse your product whole heartedly and you may feel free to have prospective customers e-mail me for references. Once again congrats on the development of a great product.

Mark Lambert
Division 9 Ltd.

Click for larger viewDear Friends,

We recently ordered and applied your “Iron Coat” product to our 2,000 square foot metal building that is being used as our community food pantry and temporary offices for our home for abused and neglected children.

We are more than pleased with the results! The building had developed many small leaks in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The Iron Coat treatment was easy to apply and we were able to place two+ coatings on the roof in one day.

The results were immediate. Our leaks have all stopped and the reflective quality of the paint is terrific! We have not had to use our AC yet and the temperature inside of the building has remained 20 to 30 cooler than normal.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of the seam tape and the reduction of the price for the Iron Coat.

Ames…you not only have a good product…you have good hearts.

Terry Lathem, Director
Hope Haven Children's Home

~Old Tin Roof~

hello Ames staff,

I used your Elasto-Barrier and Snow Seal on my old tin roof and it has worked wonderfully to stop all the little leaks.

I now would like to coat my old rusted metal Bilco door to my basement with some of your products. What would you suggest? The old paint is weathered, pealing and worn.

Thanks for your great products. They saved me a lot of money and the green factor is fabulous.

Terry Okeefe

~Metal Patio Cover~

Good morning folks,

I had a 15ft x 20ft patio cover with a metal roof. The slope on the roof was not steep enough to keep rain water from leaking through the standing seams when it would pool up during heavy rains. I was contemplating re-building the roof when I came across AMES coatings. I ended up ordering 5 gallons of Max-Stretch at your recommendation. Took it to Ace Hardware and had it tinted brown per your color chart like you said and had no problems. Installed the coating and the leaks have been stopped dead. Was easy to apply and looks great. I am VERY pleased with your product. I am very glad I contacted you and I would like to note your attention and service was great. You have my recommendation for sure. Worth every bit of the cost.

Keep up the great work

Dave Todd
Burleson, Texax


~RV / Trailers~

Randys' Customer

Dear Ames:

I applied your Super-Primer and Maximum Stretch to the roof of my 1995 27' Terry Travel trailer about 2 months ago. The results have been remarkable. The temperature has dropped 8 degrees on average now that the black parts of the roof are once again coated in white. My estimate is that you saved me between $5,000 and $6,000 since that was the cost of replacing the roof. Replacement was the only solution offered to me by several local RV dealers I called looking for help.

Martyn Lindley
Eugene, Oregon


I am sending this letter of thanks and appreciation for your recent contribution of 2-gallons of Snow Seal and 1-roll of Seam Tape, and the guidance to solve what was a major problem for our organization.

Greyhound Pets of America is a national organization dedicated to the mission of finding loving homes for Greyhounds that fail to qualify or no longer qualify for racing. We are 100% volunteer run and find homes for over 140 Greyhounds each year in Oregon and Southern Washington.

Our Oregon chapter of Greyhound Pets of America owns a small dog transport trailer that is intergral to our ablility to transport Greyhounds in suppport of our adoption program. Whenever it rained, the trailer leaked and the dogs bedding became soaked and cold. This made it unsafe to transport the Greyhounds very far during the wet season, which as you know is quite long here in Oregon. We had tried several products to seal the numerous small openings in the structure but nothing stopped the leakage and the greyhounds continued to be cold and uncomfortable.

After seeing your product advertised, it occurred to me that it might be suitable as a permanent repair for our trailer. I contacted your office and was given not only the solution to the problem but the support a small non-profit, all volunteer organization such as ours needs. Your specialists determined the correct product for our needs and generously donated the materials and the technical guidance to properly install it. The installation was quick, easy and looks great.

It has now rained several times during our transports and I am thrilled to report that the trailer is completely dry inside and the Greyhounds are warm and comfortable. We recently made a trip from Sacramento California, where we picked up 8 Greyhounds to bring to Oregon. It rained during that 11–hour drive and the Greyhounds were well rested and dry upon arrival in Portland and their new homes.

Thanks to Ames Research and your thoughtful, helpful people for making a difference in the lives of many Greyhounds for years to come. Enclosed are some photos of the trailer with its new Snow Seal roof and some dry, happy Greyhounds. Please let us know if we can return the favor in any way. We would be happy to give an endorsement to your product and have the Greyhounds participate in any advertising you may choose to do.

Robert Vinnacombe
Greyhound Pets of America, Northwest

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Hello Dama,

I finally finished the roof. It turned out terrific. Ames Iron coat, along with the self stick adhesive seam tape, does the trick. I am completely satisfied with the results. Three coats of Iron coat was applied to the roof and it looks great! I've attached before and after pictures you can show anyone questioning the results of your Iron coat for RV's. This project is a 1976 GMC 26 foot RV. A co-worker gave this to me and it is under construction. It is completely gutted and only a framed shell. It had leaks all over. Now it is water tight. Last night during a rain storm I inspected it looking for any signs of water. NONE. The self adhesive seam tape is awesome! I'm satisfied and confident it can be rebuilt without worrying about water damage. Thanks for all of your help. I had many questions along the way and you came through with a smile. Ames employees treat the customers with respect.

Thanks, I'm one happy (dry) camper.
Dave Pynenberg
Purchased: Iron Coat, Adhesive Seam Tape

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Before application with Iron Coat waterproof coating for metal After application  with Iron Coat waterproofing coating for metal roofs
Before After

~Mobile Homes~

Thank you for the fast service and shipping! You were very helpful to me and I wanted to thank you. I will be ordering more soon!

PS: This is a great product for the storm damaged mobile homes in my area. I will for sure pass on your name and product line to my friends!

Dennis - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Iron Coat


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