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~Flat Roofs~

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Thanks..so far the product(s) have been terrific to apply.  Here's the roof in process:

David Blake,
Products:Super Elasto-Barrier, Maximum-Stretch



I just coated most of our roof with your Ames Research products. They are amazing! I can see why you have been so successful. It's a god send to those of us with flat roofs in the northwest.

Take care,
Lars Larson,
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host


Click for larger imageI recently did two projects for my home using your Elasto-Barrier and Maximum-Stretch for a flat roof also taping the seam between the house and roof and also sealed the deck around my pool. I have to say that this is the greatest stuff I have ever used and that it is so easy to apply. I simply used a 4" paint brush and a roller and it went on very easily. I have attached a picture I took this am of my pool job. My wife is very delighted also, she said this is the whitest white she has ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Bill Dixon
Elasto-Barrier; Maximum-Stretch

Hey Jeff,

Dale here in NJ. Well, I finished applying 3 heavy coats of Maximum Stretch and it rained pretty hard here yesterday and all is as it should be! I truly appreciate all of your input and excellent customer service. I'm not used to actually being helped anymore! Anywho, we'll order some more stuff for I want to have some on hand. I'll send you PIX of the finished product once it quits raining. I also am sending a letter to Dr. Ames regarding his ever-ready and user friendly staff.

Take care and thanks again,
Dale Burleyson

Dr. William Ames,

Last August I discovered your products on the internet and inquired accordingly. Your man Jeff responded right away and we soon had many, many conversations reguarding our particular flat roof and it's problems. I sent him many photographs and his opinion on how to handle the job was key to our successful repair. He was a tremendous help and always got back to me ASAP. I have not experienced such friendly and reliable customer support ever before. I'm glad to know there are still folks out there who practice this seemingly lost art.

As far as the products go, I'm a true believer. We had the wettest summer on record in NJ and a fair bit of snow & ice over the winter & our problem has been remedied.

So kudos to Jeff, he is difinitely a valuable part of your team. Many Thanks.

Dale Burleyson


~Rolled Roofing~

To: Mr. Ames

I have a small flat roof portico over the front entrance to my home. The roll roofing failed and I was in need of some advice and product information on how to make repairs. I checked the internet for information on flat roofs and the Ames site came up first. I reviewed the site and helpful information contained therein and decided to call your telephone number.

I did not get his last name, but I spoke to Jeff. He was very knowledgeable about my problem and how to repair my roof. I was so impressed with Jeff that I was confident your product was the answer to my problem. Normally I might have thought about my purchase, but because of Jeff, I immediately placed an order. Jeff is an asset to your organization and I hope your product is as good as Jeff.

Jerry Berman
Guilford, CT

~Parapet Roof~

Hi there- I just want to thank you for your great products and customer service.  This last fall we used your coating on a house at the beach in Cambria, Ca.  The house has a double parapet roof that has leaked since the house was built in 1988.  The builder couldn’t fix the leaks after dozens of attempts.  We found a new builder that wanted to redesign the roof at a cost of 55,000.  A good bit over our budget.  After a week’s work and about $ 1,800.00 of Ames products we have a dry house.

Phillip Ostler
Cambria, Ca


Your Products are Great

I bought some Super Elasto-Barrier, Maximum-Stretch and seam tape to use on my flat roofed garage with rolled roofing. In the eight years I have owned my home I have always had trouble with leaks. I have a 1000 sq. ft. garage so it’s not a small structure. Your product went on with such ease. In the last two weeks we have had a couple of downpours or rain and two days of constant rain. NO LEAKS!! I am so amazed. It is so nice to not have to worry about it anymore. If anyone has troubles with leaks I will pass on your name to them. I am going to let my roof go until next spring to see how tough winter is on it. Then next spring I will get some more Maximum-Stretch and give the areas where I have trouble another coat.

Christopher Weiand

~Flat Concrete Roof~

- For: Peter Wills:

Hello Peter,
I wanted to let you know how things are with my mom's roof. Back in August of 2006 I inquired about a leaking concrete flat roof and the product you would recommend to stop the leak. Recommended was two coats of Elasto-Barrier and two coats of Maximum-Stretch. I can't remember when I actually purchased the product but somewhere between August 2006 and March 2007 the product was ordered and applied. If you remember I had mentioned the roof
leaks in my mom's living room and in her bedroom. The product was laid down with out any seam tape whatsoever. The rainy season in the Philippines has started and she has advised me that no leaks exist. So far so good! She such a happy camper. I will advise you if there are any changes. I believe the rainy season in the Philippines ends late August or Early September.

Thank you for the advise and for such a great product.
Bernard Dejesa


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