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I wanted to follow up and let you know that we purchased the Blue Max through our local Ace store. It has worked wonderfully. After thoroughly prepping the walls and floor, we applied three coats in most areas and four in areas most prone to leakage. Surprising to us, there were very few step cracks in the walls. In fact, it was very much intact.

We are extremely confident that this system will do the trick.

The application was very straight forward. I highly recommend the use of a 4” brush to do all of the mortar joints, floor seam and wall corner first as well as to pre-coat the heavily pitted areas of block. Doing this first allows for a much more even coat when the ¼ pile roller is used.

Joe Ward


Nicole, in a world where product hype just never seems to measure up, I’d like to say I am extremely pleased with the Ames Bock & Wall  Liquid Rubber! I installed Ames on the interior basement walls of my daughter & son-in-law’s older cape cod style house a couple of months ago. My local Ace Hardware store tinted the product, and I followed the directions. It looks great, and I can tell by the feel it will retain its’ elasticity. The basement no longer feels damp, and we have had numerous rains since the installation. Thanks for your assistance. (I’ll spread the good word about Ames!)      



We were just about out of ideas for a basement that constantly stayed wet when I ran across the Blue Max product doing an internet search.  I am so thankful I did!!  We originally thought the property was sloped too much into the house and was causing the problem (West Virginia has alot of hills!).  So we regraded the property to a small degree and installed a french drain and the result was still more water coming in.  So after finding the Blue Max we thought we would give it a shot and after drying out the basement as best we could we applied the first coat.  And WOW, you would already start to see a difference!!  After second coat we are extremely happy to say we now have a DRY basement!!

Thanks so much,
West Virginia
Product: Blue Max


Hey guys!
You're the greatest. I've used a bunch of your stuff here and it is amazing. I built this house in 1978 with a full basement. The area is low and I shouldn't have done it. I always had trouble but when I added an addition on and put in a new exterior stair well to the basement the guys didn't put any waterproofing on the exterior. It leaked like crazy. I didn't take much rain at all either. I try drylock and other things but nothing even slowed it down. Then I found you! I put 5 coats of Block & Wall on the stairwell walls and halfway up on the basement walls hoping that'd fix it so it wouldn't be nearly as bad. That was 2 years ago and it hasn't leaked a drop since! Right now we're getting the most rain we've had in probably 20 years and I just went down to check and it's as dry as a bone! Incredible! And that's not all! I have a large den that has skylights and the roof began leaking several years ago. I never could find the leak so I figured I'd buy the the Super Elasto-Barrier, even though it wasn't meant for shingled roofs. I was desperate. I put on a coat and waited. It rained and leaked. I had a little left so I used it at all the seams hoping that would stop it but it didn't so I looked for other causes. I didn't find anything so I ordered 5 more gallons and put that on the roof and viola!! Success! No more leaks so then I repaired my ceiling and our house is on the market and we have a contract!

Thanks again!
Tom Payne


Dear Dr. Ames,

Hi, I just bought 10 gallons of Vapor-Barrier. I love how the primer took but it's just not enough. Advise customers 1 gallon per 5 IMO. I need 1 perhaps 1.5 to feel confident that the job has been primmed sufficiently.The primer bonded great, like liquid glass! I'm pretty sure I will need some more primer fast. Next the vaporcoat.

Thanks Jim Benedetto
Construction Company owner
Palisades Park NJ
Vapor Barrier

2nd Email:

Dear Dr. Ames,
Hi, I applied the coating and it adheared great to primed or unprimed areas. The material goes on nicely with a sponge mop. I've use alot of products for waterproofing before but this is the best. Reminds me of a substance used on the back of break pads when they are changed. The material stops vibrations. Maybe Dr. Ames has an addition/similar product there without even realizing it! My friend liked it so much he will be ordering some for his basement. Now the curing process is taking place. The product also goes really far. I had put it on a little bit thick so it took a day or two to dry. I'll get back to you with the progress in the next week or so. Nothing like a true field test. Again, congradulations to the Dr. on his outstanding product, just what the industry needs!

Thanks Jim Benedetto


Dear Dr. Ames,
I just wanted to let potential customers know how great your product has worked here in the New Jersey. Over the last year or so we have had tremendous amounts of rain with many flash floods. New Jersey also experiences great temperature changes, from 105 degrees to -5 below zero, where your product performed flawlessly. My problem basement didn't sustain even a drop of moisture, mold or mildew. I also wanted customers to realize the wonderful price you offer in comparison to products that specialists recommend. I priced some of the product and they are between 3 to 4 times as expensive. The product has proven itself over the last year to have worked to perfection. I also wanted to say your team is very knowledgeable and very receptive when it comes to customer service. I hope you will place this with the rest of my testimonies because you really deserve credit for a great product!

Thank You, Sincerely,
Jim Benedetto

Email from our Customer:
Bill Poirier
West Seneca, NY


Pete, thank you so much for your help in processing this order....I TRULY look forward to getting this product in my basement and finishing the job over the holiday break....I will be sure to send you before and after pictures!...again, you and your company are a joy to do business with....thanks again....


Second email from:
Bill Poirier

Super Primer


....Additionally, let me tell you that both products were very easy to apply, so much so that my twin 9 year old daughters helped me without making a huge mess !...the odor was not that objectionable, the clean up was a breeze and so far, the walls look really good....


Update email from:
Bill Poirier

  Hi Peter, with the exception of some pictures and nick nacks, our basement is finished...well, it's been about 6 months since we first talked about getting some products to help seal my basement....and I'm happy to report that your products not only work, they help me get a better nights sleep since I don't worry about leaks anymore !!! Again, my sincere thanks for helping me get the very important foundation of this project done right !!!....I will always (and already have) recommend you and your products to anyone who will listen!

Bill and Lori Poirier



Just wanted to follow up with you . . . I think about you and your company every time it rains here . . . we've had the 4th rainiest September in history in Buffalo this year, 6" when our normal amount is 3" . . . twice as much as normal . . . AND MY BASEMENT HAS STAYED DRY !!!!

I hope you received my pictures a while back of the finished project . . . we couldn't be happier . . . and couldn't have done it without your great products . . . thanks !!!!

Bill Poirier


Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

…From what I can see this coating is going to do the job. Nothing else has worked at this point. I mixed Elasto-Barrier white and Elasto-Barrier gray to get the concrete the color I wanted. It goes on so nice!

Ray B.
Grandville Michigan
Coating a basement wall

Dear Sir and Madam,

Click for larger viewThis to thank you for your kindness to me, but I fear so much time has passed you will have forgotten the circumstances that occasioned my gratitude. When I telephoned to learn how to order Ames elastomeric paint, that I’d discovered online, and thought would remedy the moisture caused peeling of the paint on the cement wall of my basement toilet stall (in a summer residence), you bent your rules to allow me to purchase single gallons and gave me precise instructions respecting it’s application.

I followed the instructions and am very pleased with the result. Of course, time will test its durability. I had thought of sending you a snapshot but am a little embarrassed by brushwork affected by arthritis.

Thank you and I will talk up your paint at any opportunity.
Barbara Weiler
New York

Hi Ames,

Click for Larger viewI just wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you sell, and your help in solving my leaking basement problem.

With all of the so-called experts we have had give an estimate, (#1) Put a trough along the outside wall and drain the incoming water out - $4600. I told him troughs were for hogs & cows. (#2) Replace field tile - $7250. (#3) A sump pump - no price!!

Working for a chemical plant I knew just a little about emulsion sealers and elastic coatings. Again Ames, thanks for your hospitality (you must be from, or have kin in Kentucky) and saving me a bundle on my most serious problem.

Buddy Lemon
Paducah, KY
Purchased Elasto-Barrier and Super Primer

~Cinder Block Basement~

Jeff: Thanks for your help on my basement. I actually put about six coats on the wall and we've had quite a bit of rain and so far no problems. A couple of photos attached. You'll remember the one with the leak and the next is 1 coat showing the tape and the next is the whole six coats. Maybe you can use them.

Al Hirt

blue max on a basment wall Blue Max on a basement wall

Click the images for a larger view.


I had to write to offer a thank you for a great product. After dealing with serious wet basement issues for two years after moving to our current home we are now dry. We considered several options before deciding to give your sealants a try. The most economical option has proven to be an unqualified success story. Our cinder block basement, once a sieve is now effectively protected from our first test of serious rains. Your representative was most helpful in recommending products and processes. I have endorsed them to several other folks who are dealing with similar problems.

Ron Newbury
Freedom NH


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