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Article on Emergency Roofing and Water Proofing Solutions For Victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita:

The Blue Roof Program is OK but Liquid roofing is far more durable
...and can last years and it can also reflect heat. The Blue Roof Program operated by the Army Corp of Engineers will last until the next high wind. The Ames thick elastomeric roof coatings are the best made, and can quickly glue down an old tar roof or shingle roof and repair it to a state that will hold for several years. These coatings contain only quality thick materials. They are waterbased, require only water clean up, and the products consist of both rubber and acrylic. No solvent smells, and no Petroleum. They cross link to make a stronger surface. Just pour it out and paint it on. See us at our web site at www.amesresearch.com or email us at amestaff@amesresearch.com, or phone 1-888-345-0809 to speak with our Engineers who will walk you through the application. Here is a link to the application specifications. /archspecs_ss.htm Help your survivors: Specify Ames Elastomeric liquid roof in a bucket. Put Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors on a liquid roofing diet with Ames. The solution is simple: just pour it out and paint it on. Roofing in a bucket that will stop most leaks in one coat.

Your credit is approved. We ship orders out within 24 hrs. We have the capacity to produce 16,000 gallons per day. The key here is to let the survivors do their own roofs. We have 81% freight discounts to LA and MS because of our long history. Ames Research Laboratories has been making roof coatings since 1981. Ames Quality has exhisted since 1690.

Since 1981 Dr. Ames, President & CEO, has been developing this Nations finest elastomeric waterproof coatings line. These products were initially designed to waterproof Roofs, Walls, Decks, Cisterns, and other surfaces beyond our imagination.


Click to learn more about Super Elasto-Barrier

Here are few things that may paint a picture in your mind…
Ames' Elastomeric Coatings stretch like a rubber band. For example, Elasto Barrier stretches up to 1200%. You can grab a cured three-inch piece of Elasto barrier coating and stretch it up to two feet. When released, it will snap you a good one! In fact, Elasto Barrier liquid rubber is so good, that you can water proof a cardboard box or paper bag.

Simply pour it out and spread it on the surface. Ames Research Laboratories’ products are easy to apply and dry quickly to form a waterproof rubber blanket over whatever surface you choose. Elasto Barrier is water cleanup.

Roofs are savable! Save money by preserving your existing roof investment. Put your roof on a liquid diet. Simply pour it out and paint it on. Let it dry and paint on another coat. You can do it! The more coats you apply the longer your roof protection. Ames Coatings are easily stored with a shelf life exceeding 20 Years. We have been manufacturing waterproofing rubber coatings for over 20 years.

Ames coatings are a whole lot less expensive than costly tear-offs and re-roofing. You can save up to 90% in re-roofing cost. Ames Rubber Coatings cost about .30 per square foot per coat. A typical 1000 sq. ft. roof surface takes about 20 gallons or four, five-gallon containers. We recommend that you apply two coats to build a thick, durable, liquid rubber blanket.

Please call toll free 1-888-345-0809 today for free estimate. The Ames Staff is standing by ready to help permanently solve your waterproofing problems. Or you can provide us with your daytime or evening phone number and we will contact you at your convenience. All information is secure.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to save money by purchasing factory-direct. Since we are the manufacturer you save money by eliminating the middleman. You will receive substantial price breaks on pallet quantities. For smaller orders we charge on an average $25 for shipping and handling via UPS. All products ordered are guaranteed delivered and traceable. Call toll-free 1-888-345-0809, where Ames Customer Service Associates will answer your questions and immediately process your order. You may also order online at www.amesresearch.com and click on our convenient shopping cart icon.

We make premium products. We will not cut our quality just to achieve a cheap price point and subsequently a cheap, poor performing product. We hope you will join us as part of our family of customers at Ames. Please take a moment to look at our customer testimonials.
It does not take long to see the difference in the quality of our products, versus others in the market.

Click link  to listen How can Ames products help with hurricane roof repair? (423 kb)

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