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Article on How To Seal & Waterproof Concrete & Foundatons

Difficulty Level: EASY

Click on the image for slideshow presentation
Click on image for slideshow 1. Surface Preparation
Read all instruction labels before beginning. Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area, to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs and the product works to your satisfaction. Careful and complete preparation will ensure the best results, and contribute to the life of the coating. The wall surface must be clean, dry, and free of loose material. Loose or peeling paint should be removed with a wire brush, and rough wood surfaces sanded. Do not apply Vapor-Barrier™ over wet, loose, or crumbling concrete. Repair the concrete, and allow to cure. Mildew may be removed with a power washer. Fill all joints or cracks wider than 1/8 inch with a Blue Max trowel-grade coating & filler. Follow seam taping instructions. Mask all sensitive areas before starting.

Super Primer-primer, sealant and adhesive for concrete, metal and other surfaces Peel & Stick, self-adhesive contouring seam tape

2. Prime the surface with Ames'® Super Primer™
It is important to seam tape all joints and cracks to avoid future cracking and leaking. Apply around flashings, windows and cracks in the walls. Refer to Ames' Seam Tape label for application instructions. Do not use fiberglass or asphalt impregnated seam tape.

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Super Primer is drying almost as fast as it can be sprayed onto the surface.
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Super Primer penetrates into the concrete. It is pearlescent blue as it is being applied, drying to a clear, slightly tacky surface. This process begins the waterproofing. Apply at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet (estimated). For difficult applications where extreme dampness is present see Ames' Blue Max, our impervious liquid rubber coating for difficult and damp situations.

Vapor Barrier-premium rubber coating for walls3. Apply Ames'® Vapor-Barrier
Apply at least 2 coats of Vapor-Barrier, our waterborne, liquid rubber, elastomeric coating. At this point the surface should be impenetrable to water. All minor cracks and crevices will be sealed. Apply at a rate of 2 gallons per 100 square feet. Recommended milage is 20 to 35 mils (or the thickness of a dime or quarter). Drying time will be approximately 30 to 60 minutes on warm days with sun contact.

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This application can be used on: foundations, bearing walls, cisterns or water storage tanks, and other concrete surfaces. Vapor-Barrier is potable water compliant.

Architectural Specifications:
This is only a suggested specification.

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Click image for larger view

Clean-up, Storage, Disposal and Thinning
Clean up tools and small spills with water. Store unused product in its original can, tightly sealed at 45 to 85 degree F. Dispose of this product in accordance with state, federal, and local requirements. May thin up to 10% with water.

Weather & Drying Guidelines
Ames' Coatings are best applied between 40 to 90 degrees F. on warm dry surfaces. Apply when the streets are dry, the sun is in the sky, and no inclement weather is forecast. Dries in 1-2 hours, depending on thickness of application and weather; and cures in 24 hours. Low temperatures, high humidity, and evening or morning dew will require increased drying/curing time.

Estimated Coverage:
Super Primer: apply at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet (estimated).
Vapor Barrier: Apply at a rate of 2 gallons per 100 square feet.

Tools ~ You may need one or more of the following:
Ames' industrial-strength coatings are easy to apply for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Most Ames' products may be applied by brush, roller, push broom, or sprayer. Depending upon the roughness of the surface, preparation, and the specific application, you may need one or more of the following:

Selected Ames products available at participating Stores. Click for Information and Sku numbers

3-4 inch wide paint brush   3-4 inch wide paint brush Scissors or Utility knife   Scissors or Utility Knife
Roller & Handle Roller & Handle Commercial Airless Sprayer Commercial Airless Sprayer
       (click for specifications)
Ames Seam Tape Ames' Seam Tape    
Ames' Coatings are:
Ames' Coatings are Low Odor! Ame's coatings clean easily with water Insulated Concrete Forms VOC under 0.10/0 less than 1 gram per liter


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