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Wall & Siding Testimonials


Dear Bill,

As a career Marine, I have had to move many times, about every 2-3 years. Each time, I made it a practice to purchase fixer uppers. Upon retirement, I became a general contractor in the construction of residential buildings. Thus, I have a good basis to evaluate the Ames Paint and Prime products.

Last year, I built my retirement home and used the Ames Paint and Prime products exclusively; satin finish on the interior and exterior walls and gloss for the trim. Paint and Prime proved to be vastly superior to any other product I have ever used plus it offered easy water clean up. We saved substantial amounts of money and a lot of time. I never before realized the savings we could get by eliminating the extra primer coat. One coat of Paint and Prime gave excellent coverage. We used two coats only on sheet rock and in areas where we wanted extra durability and maintenance; e.g., kitchen and baths. The paint was easily applied with “spray gun”, roller, and brush.

The finished texture is beautiful, smooth, and easy to maintain. After moving the furniture in, there were scratches and touchups were easy and became invisible. I found that this paint is superior in every way and meets or exceeds the manufaturer/s claims. The customer service was excellent and the staff was always ready to help. We were surprised when neighbors and other visitors came by to tell us how beautiful our paint looks. I intend to use and recommend this product exclusively in the future.

Gratefully yours,
Ken Reusser




Bill & Dama

Thank you so much for your generosity. You're paint was incredible to work with. It coated the walls better than any paint I have ever used before.

Sorry for the inconvenience picking up the paint, but thanks for being flexible.

In Him,
Beth, Joe, Emma & Easton




Cedar Shakes


I have been painting the outside of our cedar shaked house for the last 53 years. But it has never looked as good as it does right now. Thanks to Ames Paint & Prime paint. It's creamy texture almost eliminates drippings. It does a good job of covering cracks and blemishes, leaving a rich fresh look. It goes further and covers better than other paints that I have used. I highly recommend it.

Larry Schmidt
From Lebanon, OR
Purchased: Paint & Prime



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