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Customer Service


Customer Service 


Thanks for the super service

Richard Jones
Nixa R-II School District Maintenance Department



You really go "above and beyond", don't you! I hope your employer realizes how valuable you are. I appreciate the offer of a pass to the Builders' Show, and have forwarded the information to my superiors in case someone might be going. (Alberta to Florida is quite a distance for me.)

Have an awesome day.
Marion Kraaikamp




Thanks. The product arrived today. Please extend my thanks to Jeff as well, for his help with application questions. Happy Holidays.

Dianne Hansen



Hello Dama

Thank you for your time and quick response.
Please thank Jeff for his help as well.
We've added you to our vendor file and will send our business your way whenever possible!

Charles Meyer
B32 Productions
Seattle, WA



Hey Jeff,

Dale here in NJ. Well, I finished applying 3 heavy coats of Maximum Stretch and it rained pretty hard here yesterday and all is as it should be! I truly appreciate all of your input and excellent customer service. I'm not used to actually being helped anymore! Anywho, we'll order some more stuff for I want to have some on hand. I'll send you PIX of the finished product once it quits raining. I also am sending a letter to Dr. Ames regarding his ever-ready and user friendly staff.

Take care and thanks again,
Dale Burleyson



Dr. William Ames,

Last August I discovered your products on the internet and inquired accordingly. Your man Jeff responded right away and we soon had many, many conversations reguarding our particular flat roof and it's problems. I sent him many photographs and his opinion on how to handle the job was key to our successful repair. He was a tremendous help and always got back to me ASAP. I have not experienced such friendly and reliable customer support ever before. I'm glad to know there are still folks out there who practice this seemingly lost art.

As far as the products go, I'm a true believer. We had the wettest summer on record in NJ and a fair bit of snow & ice over the winter & our problem has been remedied.

So kudos to Jeff, he is difinitely a valuable part of your team. Many Thanks.

Dale Burleyson



Thanks again Jeff for your courteous and detailed response.
I will carefully consider your recommendations.




Thank you, Dama. It was a pleasure talking with you, too. I've had a very good experience dealing with your company and would recommend Ames to any of my friends who need any type of product your company makes. Thanks, again, for sending the boxes.

Brian Duggan



To: Mr. Ames

I have a small flat roof portico over the front entrance to my home. The roll roofing failed and I was in need of some advice and product information on how to make repairs. I checked the internet for information on flat roofs and the Ames site came up first. I reviewed the site and helpful information contained therein and decided to call your telephone number.

I did not get his last name, but I spoke to Jeff. He was very knowledgeable about my problem and how to repair my roof. I was so impressed with Jeff that I was confident your product was the answer to my problem. Normally I might have thought about my purchase, but because of Jeff, I immediately placed an order. Jeff is an asset to your organization and I hope your product is as good as Jeff.

Jerry Berman
Guilford, CT



You guys are great!!
Thanks a million!!

Dwain A. Skinner



Thank you so much! It was truly a pleasure working with you. Everyone I spoke with was so pleasant and helpful and had my best interest @ heart. I speak with a lot of vendors over the phone and I really appreciate all you helped me with. I hope everyone up there has a fantastic day!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, Compared to what lies within us."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Charles Vaught



Our order arrived today, and although we've yet to open up the boxes, it appears to be exactly what we specified. . .

. . . Again, Jeff, I'd like to thank you for your personal touch (and Dama's). As a small business owner, I realize we're not your largest client, but you wouldn't know it. We live in the country, and are surrounded by other estates, gentlemen's farms, farmsteads and industrial buildings. We'll be sure and talk your products up every chance we get.

Thanks again,
Jonathan Aubrey




Thank you so much for your help, we aren't starting just yet, I I am wanting to make sure we do it the right way. I sent several emails to people but I wanted to tell you you were the only one who really wanted to help and I Thank You for that! It seems as though Good customer service has went by the way side. Please, if you have a Supervisor let them know how much I appreciated your customer service.

Alice Moreland



Hey Jeff, thanks so much for the info on applying the Ames' Elasto-Barrier and Maximum-Stretch. You went the extra mile and I appreciate it. It sounds like it is well worth the try. Thanks again.

Dorothy Mitchell



I wanted to send an email letting you know we enjoyed using your products and appreciated the excellent customer service that was provided as well.

We live in Southern California where the temperature gets extremely hot, this summer it was over 112 degrees. Our house does not have an attic so that sun just beat down on the house and our electricity bill, well let's just say we almost had to take out a loan to pay for it.

After applying the primer and then two coats of Snow Seal there has been a noticeable decrease in the temperature upstairs, not to mention a savings of $175.00 in the electricity bill.

At first we were a little nervous about doing the project ourselves but after talking to the staff we felt more confident and it turned out to be very easy and it looks great. We are really proud of the job we did.

Thanks again,
Diana Graves
Southern California



Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that Elasto-Barrier (15 gals) and the Snow Seal (15 gals) arrived early yesterday via UPS. I began preparing the roof today and will let you know how it all works out. I will, as per the instructions, use the Elasto-Barrier followed by the Snow Seal. By the way, the packaging of the product was exceptional and it was delivered in pristine condition. Thanks for being so helpful when we spoke prior to my order. Take care of yourself, stay safe and enjoy today.

Nick K.
Los Angeles, CA
Snow Seal; Super Primer



Good Morning Dama:

I wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived late yesterday (Thursday) afternoon and all appears in good order. I would like to thank you and Ames Research again, for making this such a pleasurable experience and I look forward to our doing business again sometime in the future.

Best Regards
Bob Christianson
Super Primer; Snow Seal; Paint & Prime

2nd Email:
Good morning Peter and thank you for your speedy reply. I had planned on writing to you this morning to tell you how much I love the primer we are using. We got the seams coated yesterday and the product is a delight to work with. This morning we will be rolling out one section of the roof and tomorrow we start with the Snow Seal coats.
I will keep you appraised on our progress.

Take care,
Bob Christianson



Hi Dama

Thank you for all your time and effort spent on me. This showed me that I was correct in purchasing your product. The service is exceptional and so far the product went on with out a glitch. I was able to do the seams 4 times and the whole roof twice with the 5 gallon can. I included some pictures of the before and after of my roof. Please keep me informed if you do get a Canadian distributor. . .

Thank you again Dama


Before                                               After

Terry Sararas



To the people at Ames Research;

You guys are the greatest. I called on June 13 to order materials I need for my two roofs. On June 20 UPS backed into my driveway. From Oregon to Maine in one week, not bad at all. I plan on using Snow Seal on my roofs in two weeks. I will let you know how it went. You guys are a class act.

Thank you,
Roger Chamberlain
Snow Seal



Thank you for the fast service and shipping! You were very helpful to me and I wanted to thank you. I will be ordering more soon!

PS: This is a great product for the storm damaged mobile homes in my area. I will for sure pass on your name and product line to my friends!

Dennis - Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Hi Ames,

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you sell, and your help in solving my leaking basement problem.

With all of the so-called experts we have had give an estimate, (#1) Put a trough along the outside wall and drain the incoming water out - $4600. I told him troughs were for hogs & cows. (#2) Replace field tile - $7250. (#3) A sump pump - no price!!

Working for a chemical plant I knew just a little about emulsion sealers and elastic coatings. Again Ames, thanks for your hospitality (you must be from, or have kin in Kentucky) and saving me a bundle on my most serious problem.

Buddy Lemon
Paducah, KY
Purchased Elasto-Barrier and Super Primer



Dear Dr. Ames,

We had an interesting telephone conversation mid-September when I ordered a gallon of Snow Seal and Elasto-Barrier. I want to tell you that it arrived safely and timely and is now duly “roofed”. Thank you for your promptness and please credit your Packing Manager for doing a splendid job. Your enterprise can only prosper with dedicated service to customers like this...

Jeremy Shelbourne
Snow Seal

Thank you for shopping at Ames Research Laboratories