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Smooth Concrete


1. Products Needed by Step

Smooth Concrete products by Step

2. How To: Steps to Complete the Project

Waterproofing Smooth Concrete by Step  

3. Videos

Painting & Sealing a Concrete Floor

     Super Primer






4. Detailed Application Instructions

Concrete decks and floors should be wire brushed and power-washed. In certain situations a shot-blaster may be needed to roughen the surface. Vacuum away any excess dust or debris.  Read all label instructions before beginning. Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs and the product works to your satisfaction.

Apply a coat of Ames® Super Primer™ (at the rate of 1 gal. / 200 sq ft.) to fill in cracks and increase adhesion to concrete.  It will go on milky white and will dry clear in about 30 min. to an hour or so. It leaves a clear, slightly tacky surface that is ideal for coating.  Then top coat with 2 coats of Ames'® Safe-T-Deck™.

Clean-up, Storage, and Disposal: 
Clean tools and small spills with water only – do not use any soaps or detergents. Store unused product in its original container, tightly sealed and protected from freezing. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, state, or federal requirements.

5. Buy Products for Project

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  1. Super Primer

    Super Primer is a unique, pure acrylic elastomeric plastic sealant, primer and adhesive for concrete, brick, tile, EPDM rubber, stucco, wood, metal, and many hard-to-stick surfaces.

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  2. Safe-T-Deck Smooth

    Ames' Safe-T-Deck Urethane paint  performs like an epoxy to preserve, protect and renew old floors.

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