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Roof Deck


1. Products Needed by Step

Roof decks, by definition, are decks that exist over living areas. It used to be that roof deck applications were quite expensive to build and had a multitude of waterproofing problems and applications. All that has changed with Ames® premium, waterbase, environmentally friendly, elastomeric, waterproof plastic and rubber coatings. There really is nothing else quite like it out there.

2. How To: Steps to Complete the Project

Roof Deck Instructions

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Roof Deck


Super Elasto Barrier





4. Detailed Application Instructions

Tools:  Paint brush and 3/8” to 1/2” nap roller with a long handle and paint tray. For Roof Deck application you may need a push broom, Ames® Seam Tape, Ames® Roof Fabric and scissors.

Preparation:  Clean the surface. Remove all loose paint, dirt, oil and greases leaving surface clean and completely dry.  Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs and the product works to your satisfaction.  All major cracks, joints and seams should be caulked with a non-silicone, paintable caulk or Ames® Blue Max™ trowel-grade coating and filler.  Larger cracks may be filled with a sandable filler.  Make sure surface is as smooth as possible.  For good adhesion Ames® Super Primer® may be used as a base coat for badly deteriorated concrete or wood decks.

Roof Decks: (decks above living areas) After deck preparation you may use Ames® Peel & Stick™  Seam Tape or Contouring Roof Fabric on all surfaces with joints, cracks, flashings or where two unlike surfaces come together. Seam tape is added in order to provide additional strength and reinforcement. Ames’ Seam Tape (PS250) two inch wide by 50 feet or (PS450) four inch wide, (PS650) six inch wide is ideal for plywood, roof decks and other smooth surfaces. 

NOTE: The Peel-And-Stick Seam Tape may show a slight bump and radiate through coating.

Step one – Pour out a liberal amount (1 gal. / 100 sq ft.) of Ames® Super Elasto-Barrier™ onto the surface.  You may use a push broom or roller to spread the coating out in a path slightly wider than the Roof Fabric in step 3. (42” by 75 feet). 

Step two - Roll Ames® Contouring Roof Fabric into the wet coating using the push broom or roller until the coating comes through the fabric and totally saturates it.  This is best done by laying the fabric down and pushing it forward into the wet coating with the push broom or roller while the excess coating comes up through the fabric and totally saturates it. Avoid folds and wrinkles. Use a liberal amount of coating. The fabric will absorb almost two gallons per 100 square feet during this application.

Step three – With the roller or push broom, pull the excess coating off to the side in preparation for laying the next row of fabric. Use the red overlap line on the fabric roll as a guide and overlap its entire length. (Note: Overlapping CRF may show a slight bump. You may also apply CRF side by side to avoid the bump. Do not line up fabric seems with plywood seems.) Repeat this process until the entire surface is completely covered with fabric. Allow to dry completely 24 to 48 hours.

Step four – To complete the application apply an additional 1-2 coats of Ames® Super Elasto-Barrier™ over the deck to completely seal and fill all remaining pinhole openings in the fabric. Allow drying between coats. The coating is best applied by pouring it out in small quantities and spreading. The goal here is to have all pinholes filled and no less than 30 mils of thickness (about the thickness of a dime). Allow the surface to completely cure over night or 24 hours until complete adhesion has occurred.

Topcoat - with one or two coats of Ames'® Safe-T-Deck™ in the color of our choice.  Allow proper drying between coats.

Clean-up, Storage, and Disposal: Clean tools and small spills with water only – do not use any soaps or detergents. Store unused product in its original container, tightly sealed and protected from freezing. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, state, or federal requirements.

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