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Block and Wall Rubber

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A blend of adhesive, high strength, elastomeric, liquid rubber. It is designed for waterproofing in extreme situations. 


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What is Ames’® Block & Wall Liquid Rubber™?

Ames’® Block & Wall™ Liquid Rubber is a blend of adhesive, high strength, elastomeric, liquid rubber. It is designed especially for waterproofing in extreme situations. It is high in solids and dries to a tough elastic membrane that is up to 700% elastic to resist cracking and peeling.   Ready to use - no mixing required.  Block & Wall Liquid Rubber flows into cracks and crevices as a liquid and sets up as a durable rubber to seal leaks wherever they occur. The adhesive qualities in Block & Wall Liquid Rubber will help glue surfaces together to strengthen wall construction.

Block & Wall Liquid Rubber is an excellent coating for ICF (insulated concrete forms) as well as metal, wood, concrete, and many other applications. It is designed especially for waterproofing in extreme situations such as below-grade foundations, and basement walls. This coating contains no petroleum, is non-toxic, low odor, and environmentally friendly.

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  1. I am most impressed Review by Jamie
    Overall Product Rating

    Good day chemists
    As a project manager for a recently acquired 3 story home that we are refurbishing, your product worked as advertised on the wall we decided to test with your product, the other walls are still showing moisture spots with every heavy down pour of rain. The workers, client and myself can’t wait to apply the product to affected areas. I am most impressed that products like these solve a lot of problems especially with unknown situations in the building industry.
    Will update you all when we complete the painting.
    Thanks again
    Jamie T&T (Posted on 7/22/2016)

  2. Blue Max and Block n Wall Review by Mogwaii
    Overall Product Rating

    Both fantastic! Built a wall waterfall and used the blue max as the base and the block n wall for the sealer (for sun uv) and perfect. (Posted on 7/10/2016)

  3. It hasn't leaked a drop since block and Wall Review by Tom Payne
    Overall Product Rating

    Hey guys!
    You're the greatest. I've used a bunch of your stuff here and it is amazing. I built this house in 1978 with a full basement. The area is low and I shouldn't have done it. I always had trouble but when I added an addition on and put in a new exterior stair well to the basement the guys didn't put any waterproofing on the exterior. It leaked like crazy. I didn't take much rain at all either. I try drylock and other things but nothing even slowed it down. Then I found you! I put 5 coats of Block & Wall on the stairwell walls and halfway up on the basement walls hoping that'd fix it so it wouldn't be nearly as bad. That was 2 years ago and it hasn't leaked a drop since! Right now we're getting the most rain we've had in probably 20 years and I just went down to check and it's as dry as a bone! Incredible! And that's not all! I have a large den that has skylights and the roof began leaking several years ago. I never could find the leak so I figured I'd buy the the Super Elasto-Barrier, even though it wasn't meant for shingled roofs. I was desperate. I put on a coat and waited. It rained and leaked. I had a little left so I used it at all the seams hoping that would stop it but it didn't so I looked for other causes. I didn't find anything so I ordered 5 more gallons and put that on the roof and viola!! Success! No more leaks so then I repaired my ceiling and our house is on the market and we have a contract!

    Thanks again!
    Tom Payne (Posted on 11/17/2014)

  4. The basement no longer feel damp Review by Rich
    Overall Product Rating

    Nicole, in a world where product hype just never seems to measure up, I’d like to say I am extremely pleased with the Ames Bock & Wall Liquid Rubber! I installed Ames on the interior basement walls of my daughter & son-in-law’s older cape cod style house a couple of months ago. My local Ace Hardware store tinted the product, and I followed the directions. It looks great, and I can tell by the feel it will retain its’ elasticity. The basement no longer feels damp, and we have had numerous rains since the installation. Thanks for your assistance. (I’ll spread the good word about Ames!)

    Rich (Posted on 11/17/2014)

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Where to Use:  

It is designed especially for waterproofing in extreme situations


• Below-Grade Foundations

• Basement Walls

• Water Troughs

•  ICF (insulated concrete forms)

•  Metal

•  Wood

• Concrete

• and Many Other Applications




The surface must be clean, dry, and free of loose material before the coating application. Power wash thoroughly, if needed. Brush, trowel, or caulk all cracks greater than 1/8” wide with Ames® Blue Max™ trowel-grade coating and filler. Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area. This is to ensure that there is proper adhesion and drying, and that the product performs to your satisfaction.  No need to shake or stir.  It comes ready to use straight out of the can.  Prime all surfaces generously with Ames’® Block & Wall™ Liquid Rubber.


Application by surface type:

When applied in a uniform and seamless fashion with adequate millage Block & Wall Liquid Rubber is impervious to water.  Block & Wall Liquid Rubber has a slight tack when dry. It is UV sensitive and MUST BE TOPCOATED if used on exterior above grade. May topcoat walls with Ames'® Paint & Prime™. On below-grade exterior walls use plastic sheeting, or similar, for further protection of the coating from backfill. Block & Wall Liquid Rubber is water impervious up to .016 perms.


Concrete Walls & Foundations
Fill all joints or cracks wider than 1/8inch with Blue Max™ trowel-grade filler. Surfaces with cracks, vents, or where two unlike surfaces come together, require Ames’ Peel & Stick Seam Tape (PS250, PS450 or PS650) to provide some additional strength and reinforcement. First prior to setting the Seam Tape in place, apply a liberal topcoat of Block & Wall Liquid Rubber or Ames® Blue Max to the surface at the rate of one gallon per 100 sq. feet per coat and allow to cure. Apply Block & Wall Liquid Rubber or Blue Max over the seam tape and allow to cure. For a complete application we recommend two gallons per 100 square feet for walls.  Blue Max can be slightly tacky and may be top-coated on basement walls with Ames® Block & Wall Acrylic coating or Ames® Paint & Prime. The following instructions are some suggested methods of application that may work for you on your waterproofing project.


Plywood, Underlayment, OSB Siding and Roofs
Use Block & Wall Liquid Rubber as a vapor barrier on plywood, underlayment, O.S.B. siding and roofs. Block & Wall Liquid Rubber penetrates and seals wood to a watertight condition. Seam Tape all joints and coat with 1 gallon per 100 square feet of Block & Wall Liquid Rubber. Seam tape all seams before coating.


Sprayer Instruction:
If using a commercial sprayer, we recommend a 3/8 inch hose for commercial applications. Call us for specifications.  For smaller applications apply by brush or roller.


Block & Wall Liquid Rubber may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. We recommend two gallons per 100 square foot for walls. The application must be applied in a continuous, unbroken seal of a minimum dry thickness of no less than 30 mils (the thickness of a dime). Block & Wall Liquid Rubber is a heavy duty, sprayable grade. It may also be applied with 3-4 inch paint brush, Commercial Airless Sprayer or a Roller and Handle. With a commercial sprayer, call for proper specifications.


Estimated Coverage:
Standard product coverage on a smooth surface is 100 sq. ft. per one gallon, per coat (est. 10 mil). At least two coats are always recommended. More coats equal longer life. Rough surfaces will require additional product and drying time. Minimum application rate is two gallons per 100 square feet.


Weather & Drying Guidelines:
Ames’® Block & Wall Liquid Rubber™ is best applied between 50° to 90° F (10° to 32° C) on warm dry surfaces. Apply when the streets are dry, the sun is in the sky and no inclement weather is forecast. Starts to dry in 2-8 hours, depending on thickness of application and weather.  For best results wait a minimum of 24 hours between coats. Low temperatures, high humidity and evening and morning dew will require increased drying/curing time.


Clean-up, Storage, and Disposal:
Clean tools and small spills with water. Store unused product in its original container, tightly sealed and protected from freezing. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, state, or federal requirements.


Can be used in Conjunction with: 
Block & Wall Liquid Rubber outperforms isocyanate urethanes, and works well as a waterproofing membrane for Ames’ products such as Safe-T-Deck™, Snow Seal®, Maximum-Stretch™, Block & Wall™ Acrylic. Topcoat walls with Paint & Prime™.






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Block and Wall Rubber
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