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Blue Max application

Blue Max How-To-Tips

Ames'® Blue Max™ is a special blend of adhesive, high strength elastomeric liquid rubber. It is an impenetrable, rubber technology for waterproofing in extreme wet situations such as flat roofs, below grade walls and cisterns... continue reading

By: Dr. Ames




roof with coating of Super Elasto-Barrier

How to Repair a Roof in the Winter Time with Super Elasto-Barrier
Roof repair seems to come to a grinding halt during the winter months. Some people grab the tar and plug the whole so to speak. With tar products it is simply plugging since asphalt cannot stick to a wet surface. Asphalt is made...continue reading

By: Dr. Ames


Blue Max on tile

Tile Set Waterproofer with Ames'® Blue Max and Contouring Fabric
1. Apply a base coat of Ames' Impervious Blue Max Liquid Rubber. The Contouring fabric will be embedded into this coating. 2. Roll the fabric into the wet coating until the coating comes up through the fabric and saturates it. continue reading

By: Dr. Ames



stretch demonstration of Super Elasto-Barrier

Ames'® Super Elasto-Barrier™ Stretch Sample Demonstration
Ames'® Super Elasto-Barrier™ is a waterborne liquid dual-rubber coating that is used primarily for roof, wall and roof deck waterproofing. It stretches up to 1000% to expand and contract with the surface. continue reading

By: Dr. Ames


 concrete roof diagram


How to Waterproof Concrete Roofs
Prepare the surface by power washing the surface area of the roof to remove most of the loose material. Use caution, so as not to damage any interior areas due to roof leakage that are inside the building. continue reading

By: Dr. Ames



rubber roof

Repairing Rubber Roofs With Ames Elastomeric Coatings
We feel the problem with rubber roofs is that they are rubber. Rubber roofs have a number of problems. Choosing the right product to repair the roof is crucial... continue reading

By: Dr. Ames 


 Peel and Stick Seam Tape

Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape

For the best adhesion prime all concrete and metal surfaces with Ames'® Super Primer™ before applying Ames'® Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape. Ames' Super Primer is a pure acrylic that has an affinity to concrete, stucco, metal....continue reading

By: Dr. Ames


Reflective Safety Paint sprayer


Reflective Safety Paint Sprayer Application

Texture sprayers for coatings have been around for some time. Ames Labs has found a texture sprayer capable of spraying our reflective coatings. A Wagner Texture Hand Sprayer is recommended for spray applications and is sold at most stores... continue reading

By: Dr. Ames


 waterproofing concrete

Ames Quality Elastomeric Products for Waterproofing Concrete

Leaking foundations or basements? Moisture problems? Ames has the solution! Our coatings are high-strength elstomeric liquid rubber and acrylic. Ames' waterbased coatings are environmentally friendly, clean easily with water and contain no asphalt or petroleum. Ames' coatings stop leaks fast! continue reading

By: Dr. Ames


oriented strand board with a stucco finish

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) with a Stucco Finish

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is manufactured from waterproof heat-cured adhesives and rectangular shaped wood strands that are arranged in cross-oriented layerse. This creates a wood panel that shares many of the characteristics of plywood, including a vulnerability to moisture. continue reading

By: Dr. Ames



metal roof diagram

How to Waterproof Metal Roofs (Commercial & Residential)

Roof must be dry. Remove loose dirt, flaking rust, and debris from the roof surface. Refasten any screws or nails that may have worked loose. Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before the coating application. continue reading

By: Dr. Ames










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