Vapor Barrier 5 gallon

What is Ames® Vapor-Barrier™?

Ames® Vapor-Barrier is a premium rubber and acrylic, high build coating for waterproofing walls. It is for interior and exterior walls, both above and below grade and it stops leaks fast! It is heavy duty, yet easily applied by brush, roller or sprayer, and it dries to form a waterproof seal to keep water and moisture out. Our subterranean application system will withstand over 100 p. s. i. water pressure. This product is an elastomeric sealant and block filler that expands and contracts up to 750%. It is highly resistant to cracking and peeling, remains flexible at -35™°F and is mildew resistant. Vapor-Barrier is also very easy to clean up with water. Ames Vapor-Barrier is ideal for: tar coated walls, brick or block walls, interior and exterior basement walls, pre-treated plywood, sheet metal, plastic, precast concrete, stucco, sheet-rock, wood and drywall. Excellent for potable water applications, this product contains no toxic substances after curing. Ames Vapor-Barrier waterproofing paint is a lasting investment for your project.

Where to Use:  

Ames Vapor-Barrier is ideal for: Tar-coated Walls, Brick or Block Walls, interior and exterior Basement Walls, Pre-treated Plywood, Sheet Metal, Plastic, Precast Concrete, Stucco, Sheet Rock, Wood and Drywall.

Instructions and Specifications

Tools: For preparation work: 4-inch wide paintbrush and utility knife. For Vapor-Barrier application: Paint roller, paint brush or commercial airless sprayer.

Estimated Coverage: Ames Vapor-Barrier elastomeric paint is nearly three times as thick as most paints and blocks water. One gallon covers approximately 100 sq. ft. per coat. 1 gallon = 100 sq. ft. 5 gallons = 500 sq. ft. 55 gallon drums = 5500 sq. ft. 275 gallon totes = 27500 sq. ft.

Preparation: Careful and complete preparation will ensure the best results and contribute to the life of the coating. The wall surface must be clean, dry, and free of loose material. Loose or peeling paint should be removed with a wire brush and rough wood surfaces sanded. Metal or concrete surfaces may be prepared by using a disc grinder and carborundum disc. Care should be taken so as not to grind though the metal. Concrete can be etched with Muriatic Acid (available at most hardware stores, be sure to read directions and use with caution). Do not apply Vapor-Barrier over wet, loose or crumbling concrete. Repair the concrete and allow to cure. Mildew may be removed with a power washer. Fill all joints or cracks wider than 1/8 inch with a sandable filler or an acrylic latex or urethane caulk. Follow seam taping instructions.  Mask all sensitive areas before starting.

Weather & Drying Guidelines: Vapor-Barrier is best applied on warm clear sunny days when the humidity is less than 50% and the following conditions are met: 1) The sun is in the sky. 2) There is no forecast of rain for at least 24 hours. Apply at 50 degrees F and above, and then run a test patch to assure proper drying conditions and that the product works to your satisfaction.  

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