Super Primer 5 gallon

What is Ames® Super Primer™?

Ames® Super Primer™ is a plastic sealant, primer and adhesive all in one. It can be used on concrete, cinder block, brick, tile, EPDM rubber, stucco, wood, metal, and many hard-to stick surfaces. Super Primer leaves a clear and slightly tacky surface that substantially increases adhesion for Ames’ coatings. Much more powerful than a water repellent, Super Primer helps seal against water damage and seepage while penetrating deeply into the surface to strengthen and bind together the molecules of the surface it is applied to. It also helps prevent mildew and moss formation and adds many years of life to surfaces that may be rotting or deteriorating.  Strengthens concrete substantially when used as an add-in to cement mix .  Super Primer is elastic. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly, water-base, nearly odorless, nonflammable, and VOC free.

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Where to Use:  

Ames® Super Primer™ can be used on Porous Above and Below Grade Concrete and Cinder Blocks, Bricks, Tile, I.C.F (Insulated Concrete Forms), Basement Walls, Basement Floors, Sidewalks,  Patios, Pool Decks, Stucco and Stucco-Type Wall Material, EPDM  Rubber Roofs, Asphalt Roof, Wood, Metal, and other Hard to Stick Surfaces. It helps stop rusty metal. It can also be used as a concrete additive and be added to latex coatings to increase adhesion, strength, and waterproofing.

Instructions and Specifications:

Ames’® Super Primer™ can be applied with a paint brush, a push broom, a low nap roller with a long handle or a Commercial Airless Sprayer.  In addition, you may need Ames® Peel & Stick Seam Tape and scissors or a utility knife.  For larger commercial jobs, we recommend a commercial/industrial airless sprayer. Click Here for Sprayer Specifications.

Estimated Coverage:
Standard product coverage on a smooth surface is 100 to 200 square feet per gallon per coat. Rough surfaces such as cinder block may require additional product and drying time.

All surfaces should be dry, clean, and free of oil, grease, and loose or flaking material. Power wash until surfaces are clean and free from moss and loose materials. If concrete is decomposing, it may be necessary to fill or repair it with a compatible concrete mixture to obtain a firm surface suitable for Super Primer. One such repair product is Ames’ Blue Max Trowel Grade. New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days prior to application of products. Cracks larger than 1/8” should be filled with a butyl caulk, and all seams should be taped. Use Ames’ brand seam tapes: CST100, or PS250, PS450, or PS650.

Weather and Drying Guidelines:
For exterior applications Super Primer is best applied between 40 to 90 degrees F (4.5 to 32 degrees C) on warm dry surfaces. Be sure humidity is less than 50% and dew point and temperature have a good spread. Super Primer will begin to dry in 10 minutes and is usually dry within 2 hours. Heavier applications will require longer drying time. A slight tack is normal after drying. Super Primer may be re-coated or top-coated when it is dry to the touch.

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