By Dr. W. Ames Curtright

In 1774, while an infant country was still but a gleam in the eyes of her founding fathers, there was a birth of a different sort taking place. In the colonial town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts a blacksmith was at work. Captain John Ames began making the colonies' first metal shovels. These shovels would replace early wooden and metal English imports and would soon take their rightful place in the rugged hands of enterprising patriots. John Ames and his sons made sure that these tools were the finest quality possible.

Later, the successful Ames Tools were supplied to the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1864, President Lincoln asked Representative Oaks Ames and Oliver Ames to help build it. Upon that request, Oliver Ames invested millions in the Union Pacific. Oliver Ames was appointed president of the Union Pacific and he made it his goal to build it into the best that it could be. Under the Ames presidency seven times more track was laid than the previous year.

Making the best has been the Ames tradition for over 227 years. W. Ames Curtright, direct descendent of John Ames, and founder and CEO of Ames Research Laboratories, has always maintained this family tradition. W. Ames believes quality stands the test of time. He is the inventor of the original Snow Roof Systems products.

"In 2003 we again gave birth to the finest quality products we can make, and expanded and improved our line to something better than what we had before. We make it great to stand the test of time."
-W. Ames Curtright

Ames Research Laboratories' new generation of high quality coatings and products are all water based and environmentally safe. They are especially designed for do-it-yourself application.

Ames Products, Ames Quality.
The Best We Can Make It. The Ames Family Way™.

Dr. W. Ames Curtright is the inventor of Snow Roof (see Snow Seal), Elasto-Seal (see Elasto-Barrier), Mobile Coat (see Iron Coat) and Kote-A-Deck (see Safe-T-Deck).

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