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AmesMaps is the most remarkable advance in moving map technology developed in this century.

This fantastic new advancement took over three years to develop, supervised by its creator with his thirty years of experience in avionics and aviation.

There is simply nothing like it on the market today, with its clarity, accuracy, and simple user friendly windows control.

AmesMaps processes three different map types all stored on a single CD that includes World Aeronautical Charts and Sectional Aeronautical Charts for the conterminous United States and Hawaiian Islands. An added bonus is a world map that is accurate enough to navigate to your global destinations.

AmesMaps allows you to go anywhere in the world and obtain Jeppesen NavData® airport information and communication frequency information. AmesMaps is navigable and extremely accurate. Flight testing has shown it places one directly over airports and navigation markers, making AmesMaps ready for future instrument approaches.

During your travels, AmesMaps constantly displays your latitude and longitude position along with the nearest airport's identifier, name, and position. Over 200 waypoints or destinations available. Using a PCMCIA GPS receiver that tracks up to a dozen satellites, AmesMaps will display your vehicle's flight plan, ground track, heading, distance and ground speed. AmesMaps will also provide course correction to destination and automatic magnetic variation settings.


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